1. Do you think people will be kind enough to return a lost wallet?

  2. I started with 22 days yearly. Now increased to 30 days.

  3. I wonder how much of this is because higher paid workers would have retired already. Therefore, those left in the workforce at that age are those who draw lower salaries.

  4. Didnt the gov technically tried doing something like that with KBAT (Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi) and it ended up being normal questions with more difficulty for no particular reason because if students actually tried to give an answer thats creative, they just get wronged because "its not the expectations of the reviewer" or "didnt follow standard formulas" and what not.

  5. I think it depends on your examiner. My experience with KBAT is good tho, it encourages deeper understanding of the subjects and relates them to real life scenario

  6. Malaysians don’t realize that because of terrible treatment Malay government does to Chinese Malaysians, they will turn to China for support. It was brought by themselves

  7. Chinese economical imperialism happens all over the world including African nations, ASEAN countries and Western Europe

  8. Source : The Economic and Political Dangers of Globalization (Dipak Basu)

  9. I believe in logic and experience. It’s okay to believe/ not believe in something, you have every right to do that.

  10. Heavy incentives for the poor & Gov employees and bail out FELDA farmers’ debt ?

  11. A photo of 2 elephants playing chess in the background of forest, aerial shot, hyperrealistic

  12. A good friend of mine is a secret Buddhist for 20 years now. Intrestingly, his father is a PAS member.

  13. Half of them isn't even achievement, half of them are BN style fucking stupid actions lol.

  14. ayam says:

    don't forget about the property tax. if they got more than 1 property, the rest are gonna be taxed higher as rental property. seller stamp duty will come into play too if they want to sell within 3 years. and we are also assuming that property prices stay high for the next 3 years, which is not guaranteed.

  15. Also the cost will be passed down to and borne by those at the end of the chain, no?

  16. Non-Malays making a fuss over him speaking BM in UN offends me greatly. It’s just like when Dong Zong making a fuss over a few pages of Jawi in textbooks. These people are basically insinuating that Malay language and culture are worthless (compared to… you know lah).

  17. If you freeze tap water you’d notice the cube will be solid af while cubes from ice cube supplier quite crunchy.

  18. Anyone taking the lift is now non-halal forever lol. Jokes aside while it may seems strict, that's just how strict our official Halal Certification is, strictest in the world if i remember and primary why lots of restaurants who truthfully says they're serving halal food, dont have the logo because just how long and tedious the certification process is.

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