1. Linking to Twitch, as the old links have been taken down.

  2. I have no idea, also considering that their Twitch channel still have them up

  3. This video has gone private, anyone could share a place where it is still there?

  4. Twich seems to have it up still

  5. Where and when was this streamed? Was it on their YouTube channel?

  6. It popped up in my notifications list the day before yesterday, and I only finished it off today.

  7. It’s sad to see how little regard many have for human life for sure. I wandered into this sub wondering what it’s about and I regretted it and won’t be back. I like subs that have more compassion from its userbase

  8. I thought this post was bait for people to argue over, because camp "Your sister deserved to die" and camp "Wtf OP, I know she cheated, but you literally helped socially torture her to death" would be 50-50 going off on each other.

  9. Now, this might be me misunderstanding something , but isn't Einstein quoted for saying "God does not play dice" when arguing against quantum mechanics

  10. Reddit delivers - thanks!

  11. Last time they broadcast, you guys were interested. This stream is significantly longer at 4:30 hours instead of 1:30

  12. I know you're deliberately misconstruing what the guy you're referring to, but besides that - it'd be so much fun seeing a remastered Red Dead Revolver!

  13. And then ES6 will be out and they will start all over with that engine.

  14. "Starting all over" is something they'd never have to do, seeing as they have the assets already created.

  15. So are the mods just made in Unreal Engine or something or is it just some other 3d modeling app that can just make these open files that can be imported into almost anything?

  16. 3D files can, in general, be exported between different formats.

  17. It's not a German word either by the way. It comes from the Nordic word "umboð". That's why even in Germany, it sounds weird. umboð seems to mean "task" or "authorization". And we actually have to perfectly serviceable words for a person who has either of them: "Beauftragter" and "Bevollmächtigter".

  18. It's borrowed from Swedish, specifically

  19. I thought this post was on

  20. No matter how bright of a color you wear, drivers would still mess up. Infrastructure upgrade with raised crosswalks as well chicanes could have eliminated the issue here. People are praising the crossing guard here. The real solution is redesign of the road. Crossing guard and child, welcome to

  21. Some very salty Americans are downvoting you.

  22. i don't get wanting to play old games on the original systems. if you want the "experience" then your can probably find a cheap off brand controller or something from 8bitdo and hook up your pc to one of many free crts on the streets. close enough imo and it's so much cheaper than finding an original system

  23. For most it's an expression of appreciation for the culture and the feeling of authenticity.

  24. Yeah but then you'll have to live in Denmark.

  25. When I grow up, I want to say cool stuff like you

  26. 🎶 Chokolate pain 🎶

  27. I was recommended this the other day by the YouTube algorithm. It was pretty informative!

  28. The ones where all 200 data collectors are pretending they have a "legitimate interest" so still install cookies even though you've said "reject all"?

  29. If that's all you think GDPR is, I'm very sorry.

  30. Nah, this car maintained too fast of a speed into the pedestrian crossing. The guy who stops punishes him for this.

  31. As a person who bikes almost every day, I'd tend to agree.

  32. I feel like some of that is English but I’m not sure what.

  33. Which of those words didn't you get?

  34. Just trying to be helpful :)

  35. As a, person who commutes by bike in Scandinavia, I wholeheartedly agree. You do feel the danger when it's not raised.

  36. That's not the worst part. Imagine if we had to count like the Danish!

  37. It's not that unlike other many European counting systems. Danes just have more destinct words for multiples of 10s than most other languages. That's it.

  38. It's definitely harder than at least (7 + [-½+5] x 20) percent of other languages.

  39. No one ever does the math you talk about, you absolute baffoon. Either you're a Dane and deliberately being an idiot - or you're misinformed, in which case, I'm sorry.

  40. Because all the langauges they speak evolved from Latin

  41. Germanico doesn't sound bad

  42. ah yes, an aa and a silent d in one sentence. Truly a marvel of Danish linguistic excellence.

  43. The silent d is the remnant of the "thorn" character, which in English used to be written with a "y" until it was changed to be shown with "th" instead. Danes went with "d", the English went with "th".

  44. Risengrød, det er den bedste medicin.

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