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  1. bhai logo ke bhaw se kya karna tune khud pe dhyaan dena???and btw youre probably the only guy has misspelled "or"

  2. isnt sigma all about being a lone wolf?wtf is this crap

  3. Bhawgan se daro , phir youtube per jakar zara dar type karo. She is on YT and has OF too but this video is basically on her YT channel

  4. arrey bhai iss sab mai tyler the creator fan 😭🫂

  5. bhai based ka opposite cringe hota hai unbased nahi

  6. bhai quintessential quinteplets ki ending mein yotsuba se jab shaadi ho jati uske baad kuch hota manga mein?

  7. hmari hi tarah ek deression aur anxiety ka maara manushya

  8. hai bhai. .. depression... zarur tune khudko hi dala hai is position mein depress hone ki

  9. Porsche made an ad that was quite similar to this for their Cabriolet i laughed prettty hard Porsche makes some nice ads (cars too)

  10. bhai ye handrawn ni lagra idk why but gg ig

  11. kya yaar acha khasa existence bhool rakha tha inki

  12. proud of this guy idk who you are tho but great work none the less

  13. valorant gay?? kyuki tere pc par nahi chalti to gay 🤡🫶🏻

  14. Didi joke lena nehi aata toh haha kyu ho . Class leni hai toh gender studies padhao college mein :3

  15. Pakka kisi mulle ka ghar hoga Brooooo yogggiii is sooo faassttty

  16. Ladki hai na tu ? Ya fir insta me ladki dekhna pasand hai jo reddit le nai mil ra

  17. Pehle to i never called myself a so called Chad or Sigma and maybe u don't explore reddit enough is community ke alava bhi bhot saare community hai or who don't use Instagram today tell me. U asked about fun memes why don't u post some and take some appreciation but no humko to bolna ata hai par ha ab iske reply me ye nhi bol dena mere pass time nhi hai

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