1. On the Lateralus tour Maynard played bass on Schism, he was playing that steady 4/4 riff while Justin was ripping the triplets. Pretty sure he played something on D/R/T as well, but that was nearly 25 years ago and I was high as fuck.

  2. I can't find the video anymore, but he definitely played some bass on Triad live.

  3. Not a song, but Die Eier von Satan is pretty heavy! I believe it’s in B instead of Dropped D.

  4. Why don't you call it a song? You mean full-length?

  5. Jerk-Off and Sweat, two greatest songs off Opiate for sure.

  6. no way this showed up while i was eating a hot pocket

  7. Hey, it's me again, just asking if, when rendering on Magicavoxel, how did you make the lines to distinguish the tiles?

  8. Great work man but how the actual fuck do you know that a 7empest riff was made in 1995? Pretty dope

  9. I kinda had the same experience with Rosetta stoned. Wasn’t a big fan at first and now one of my favorites.

  10. YES! Rosetta Stoned clicked after I actually paid attention to it.

  11. Exactly me with this song and Jambi. Don’t know why Jambi took so long to resonate with me but it finally did and playing that shit in your car speakers hits so hard. I’ll have to try third eye with that.

  12. Man, Jambi was the first tool song I loved. That song, I think, actually helped me discover music as a whole

  13. yeah, but I feel like 7+ minutes of crickets chirping does the job pretty damn well.

  14. I thought he said that the anus is 4° warmer than the vagina?

  15. I thought it was that the average temperature in the anus is 4 degrees warmer than room temperature

  16. Now we know why "Calm as Cookies and Cream" exists

  17. The tiles? Came with the texture. I use this one:

  18. came with it, I don't remember applying anything else to it

  19. Try to think *passed the Reggea. Its not just that MJK makes more sense, it's that MJK go's at it harder, realer, with more loud screaming and repeating. Bob never attributed aggression like TOOL goes about it. Maybe it's just me.

  20. im sorry that was just my first thought when I saw bob marley posted in a tool sub

  21. I've been trying out Magicavoxel recently and I just can't get anything to look like these fantastic pieces, any tips?

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