1. If you read the paper you realise it's a pretty specific setup and it's not usable to estimate pose from a single WiFi router in your home.

  2. I'm not sure that it's ok to imply that being homosexual is non masculine. Pretty old fashioned harmful stereotype.

  3. Nintendo isn't making any money with Smash. This theory couldnt be further than reality with Smash wide appeal in comparison to its competitive scene.

  4. They're making money indirectly at least by the exposure the FGC is bringing to the gamr

  5. Why do you want to deblur something to feed a neural net ? You're not gonna get more info from the image and the network should be able to work with a blurry image.

  6. Can someone have a word and remind him that tombolas still exist, and he could potentially do that next time rather than this insane stuff.

  7. It's pretty damning for society at large that someone has to do this shit for getting health research funded...

  8. A GPU would not serve you here. You should try to get rid of all those for loops and useless instructions. For example you don't need at all to convert to RGB.

  9. There's nothing to be grateful for here. It's horrifying to learn one's friends were going along with something they didn't enjoy for your sake. And to find out they've been doing it for 2 years straight? I can't imagine being able to trust communication with them again for a long, long time. Like this would break a lot of my friendships

  10. OP doesn't imply that their friends weren't having fun. He just said they didn't like the system. There is a world of difference. They can have enjoyed their GM's style or story or everything else not tied to the system. I would honestly assume the group was actually having fun.

  11. That's specifically why I did a spherical system rather than ECEF. And it makes about two pixels difference on a screen anyway.

  12. Because many of you wanted examples, the only thing I can remember spontaneously is the outro of this song (from 4:08):

  13. It's a speech manoeurism some people have but I don't think many french people would notice it hence why every french native here was surprised by your question. I would say it's only a thing when you have "quand le" or "quand la". It's possibly overrcorrection in many cases.

  14. C'etait une demi journee, on etait separe en deux groupes, un le matin et un l'aprem. J'etai dans le groupe aprem parce que j'avai un bac blanc le matin 💀

  15. Many people in here demanding sources on a discussion around the Bible.

  16. You mean for example all the Roman texts written about early Christians that are well-known ?

  17. Typical Reddit soy cuckolds downvoting

  18. Some men are confident enough to not be threatened by their girlfriend's colleagues.

  19. Does either of them have a more sexual connotation or these are both okay to use in a parent-child context?

  20. You seem to want 1:1 correspondences of french to English words but in that case we won't be able to give you that. We won't be able to give you that generally either. It's better to understand the meaning of a word rather than find the closest word in English. A lot of nuance can disappear if you try to simply translate words

  21. Or maybe just delete it. I'm not sure we need stan twitter-like headlines here imo.

  22. imagine talking about statistical significant on a population level, where the measurements are not stochastic

  23. Statistically relevant means nothing in a vacuum. Relevant to what ? You're contradicting yourself. if context matters and you don't have it how can you conclude about relevance

  24. Arkham Horror and Marvel Champions have been the only two LCGs that have been remotely successful and they've only been out less then a decade, aren't competitive, and aren't nearly as sucessful as the big TCGs.

  25. Android : Netrunner was a successful LCG before it got torpedoed by bad game design...

  26. I'm no expert here, but both DeepL and Google Translate use "Nous sommes venus en France." But who defines what is proper and what is just common?

  27. She was not wrong imo. Obviously you can use the informal « on » but it may sound a bit impolite due to context, and one thing that is very difficult for learners is reading clues for social context and propriety. As a result, many learners use slang or informal language that they’re excited to know because it sounds so « natural », but they often use it at the wrong time, making them sound a little rude or inelegant.

  28. Noone, except in extremely formal contexts, uses "nous" in normal sentences. Sometimes we even say "nous, on..." But using nous as a subject is basically not a thing anymore in spoken French.

  29. I have read the info, made my own opinion. It's hard to deny that she did shitty things when she was younger. Do we need to use that to destroy her life ? No we shouldn't. You can have a nuanced position it is possible.

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