1. Help I’m stuck in an infinite loop of we know that we know

  2. Absolutely! I was in the same position starting a new school for my junior year. I actually didn’t really make any new friends until the beginning of my senior year, so it’s never too late!

  3. I honestly care to disagree. If you play like a bronze you’re gonna stay in bronze. Tips for climbing are really tips for improving. Any player not in a rank they belong will climb after playing enough games.

  4. I agree. I personally carried myself from bronze to masters Mercy only, but I genuinely wouldn't recommend it. Want to climb? Just go a character that isn't so team dependent.

  5. Most times I hear people talking about mercy and the ranked ladder they just talk about how she’s not good for climbing. Really nice to hear a fresh perspective, and definitely no easy feat. So interesting to hear and i congratulate you !

  6. As long as you can do consistent and comfortable 180s, literally any sens. I wouldn’t go over 8000 edpi. Just go into practice range or dmgre and mess around

  7. I really don’t like blaming my teammates, but usually there are huge gaps in my team and it always seems like the other team is a well oiled machine. I’m not too familiar with how Smurf accounts work but that’s what me and my other bronze buddy chalk it up to sometimes because we are so baffled in how we got steamrolled

  8. There are 100% gaps in the enemy team as well. Just that you as a low elo player are either unable to identify them, or to punish them. It’s possible to get a smurf on the enemy team, but it’s also possible for one to be on your team. The enemy team is playing with the same conditions as you.

  9. Yeah, I started playing more kiriko can Moira to get both heals and damage, I just feel like sometimes the team diff is really big so I try to pick my character based on that. I’ve also heard people say as supp you have to basically never die, is that true?

  10. It’s okay to die about as much as your team dies, but you need to pick up on whether you’re the first or one of the first to die every fight.

  11. You don’t. Either your teammates learn to protect themselves, or they switch to follow your dives.

  12. Actually it looks like he injected mostly air. Sufficed to say that bell pepper will most likely die due to complications…

  13. That's really unfair tho xD

  14. Yeah, leavers are really annoying. If it’s a dc there’s a decent chance they come back… if not it’s usually best to just leave. Also happy cake day!

  15. The chain connecting Junkrat's trap does not make the trap sentient.

  16. That’s not what he is saying. For sigma to be floating there has to be a certain amount of pressure being directed downward. Unless he’s moving through space like Omni-man, which is safe to say isn’t the case.

  17. Her delivery makes her sound like these are points of pride in her character, yikes

  18. She’s lying. She is absolutely lying. I’ve met the type and even dated one for a bit. They’re chronic liars.

  19. His kit is absolutely LOADED. So not really. Maybe he’ll get 225 or armor in the future still.

  20. I think my favorite part about this is there’s no link or @. Person doesn’t want any recognition, just for people to smile.

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