1. Imagine there is a clock. Clockwise is the normal direction the needle of the clock goes. Counterclockwise is another way round

  2. I shit you not, we don't know how a clock looks, what directions needles spin and how to read time from it.

  3. I'm using it for a long time and the only time I got anything like this is when they temporarily locked my account due to "suspicious activity", which just required resetting the password to reactivate I think...

  4. how many hours do you have logged in factorio? I swear I was sick of the factorio soundtrack after the first like 500ish hours.

  5. Kind of same, probably around 200 hours mark, but then at around 550 hours reenabled it after hearing the new main menu music and now I love it.

  6. It's not just matpat who is avoiding this game for some reason, lots of other youtubers I watch avoid it too, very strange.

  7. Sorry but anyone worth their salt as a sysadmin knows you can self host a lot of things perfectly fine. Email is not one of them. At least not if you care for reliability and being reachable. It's not impossible but this the one thing that takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge to do right. Unless you live in your parents basement and don't have an actual job to go to, you're probably better off using a reliable service offering from a company that knows email.

  8. I tried setting up email server for just some personal things, like reports from several tools, but didn't manage to make it work... I made it work once but then changed something and it stopped working and I couldn't get it to work since. But it would've been cool to have your own email domain...

  9. I love that he teaches electrical safety by being unsafe.

  10. Every time I see him hastily building a messy circuit in the air I always get ready for a electrical pop or him giving burns to himself... It's predictable but still funny.

  11. I'm ok with them collecting most of my data. When I don't want them to collect particular data, I make sure to avoid giving it to them. Otherwise, I like most of their products, but use alternatives in some places.

  12. Did you change anything in the resolve.conf? I did, enabled DNScrypt and a custom server, currently blocks internet too.

  13. I don't remember what I did, probably turned off cloudflare warp and rebooted, and then it worked I think. Or was it on the VM...

  14. What changes do you have currently? Do you use a custom dns, fallbackdns, dnscrypt ?

  15. I have as my main dns in systemd-resolved, fallback dns is either or No other mods. I've uninstalled waydroid long ago, so can't test it now.

  16. Damn, I should get to watching season 3 of the boys... If the meme scene is from the boys.

  17. Haha, one of the few Saul episodes I've watched and it really follows the spirit of the meme.

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