1. I have a different branded 4080 tongfang (same unit as the neo 16) and I have the same problem. Thanks for confirming that there is an issue, as I thought it was just me.

  2. Have you tried disabling NVIDIA Advanced Optimus?

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. My unit didn't ship with advanced optimus, but I see one of the options is to disable optimus altogether. I may try that.

  4. Thanks for the review! I’ve been eyeing the XMG equivalent with the mech keys specced.

  5. 1 big downside to note for people considering this laptop (why I didn't buy it) is that it doesn't support usb-c charging. That was a dealbreaker for me since it meant I'd have to lug the huge brick around even for pure work purposes

  6. I agree with you here, it was a bit of a disappointment, but my options and budget were limited - so that was the compromise.

  7. If you have cleaned your fans and heatsinks, and you have repasted, then I don't think you have a problem. Laptops are designed to bake and run at those temps. You can check HWINFO to see if it's throttling if you are doing something intensive.

  8. Is it freezing / shutting down? Or are you just seeing temperatures you aren't comfortable seeing?

  9. I am not coming to you with solutions here, all I have is observations. I have been troubleshooting a similar issue with a RTX 4080 laptop although my scores are still WAY better than yours.

  10. Seems a fresh Windows install fixed it. Now i have with Performance mode and no overclocking a GPU score of 19.427, CPU is 16.244. 176w gpu power draw, 79C max.

  11. I had a Sword and my biggest gripe with the thing was the keyboard started showing horrible signs of wear even though I primarily used an external keyboard.

  12. How'd you get such a high score? Most of the benchmarks I've seen for high tgp 4080's are in the region of 17 or 18k. I assume it's your e-core tweaks that pushed up the score?

  13. This is a bit of a longshot because I see no one else has replied. Have you tried removing the wifi card then reinserting it?

  14. I kept mine unplugged when not in use. I don't know if it did anything to help with battery health. I guess it's just habit.

  15. They are good laptops. I know of a few people who have bought them and I've seen nothing but praise.

  16. Almost every person with a Sword here has had this issue, myself included. I've learnt to live with it.

  17. I have noticed that filtered message pop up since the feature was introduced. I have no filters setup, so being able to see exactly what was filtered would be useful

  18. Have you made sure Windows is up to date (via Windows Update) and also made sure all the Xbox apps, etc, are up to date (via Microsoft Store)?

  19. Ok, weird shit, launched another game and my pc is just using 1 core when gaming wtf

  20. Your GPU is pegged at 100%, which means you are GPU bound. I see you mentioned that it's a stuttery mess in one of your other comments - that tells me you are a bit too optimistic with your settings.

  21. I just finished it too, it was amazing. The ending blew me away

  22. My issue with The Orville is it seems to be centered around a woman and a robot, and the relationship that develops there. That theme occupies so much of the show that the little of S2 that I watched put me off.

  23. I am guessing that your laptop model is the A11SEK? What I suggest:

  24. Both would suffice. I'd get that Pulse because it has a better GPU.

  25. Out of all of them I've only played stray and plague tale. I'm really surprised that plague tale made it in - it's really up against some heavy hitters though.

  26. I would expect GPU utilisation to drop when it doesn't need so much or if it's a CPU bound scenario. I find myself wondering if you perhaps have one CPU core pinned at max and the GPU is being starved in those cases (CPU usage you have there is probably an average across all cores).

  27. Have you made sure that all Windows and the Xbox app is up to date?

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