1. If it's now more punk to play an accordion than it is to play a guitar, then isn't "punk" more of an attitude than a genre?

  2. I think it's a good idea that just needs some tweaks to make it work.

  3. Why is it any of your business? Is your relationship based on their personal religious beliefs? If it is, shame on you.

  4. Shame is delicious to the taste, and very desirable.

  5. That DX is one of the few I regret selling. It sounds terrific.

  6. I did this while visiting a friend's cottage. I didn't have internet access, so had to keep it basic. I took notes from a bunch of youtube tutorials, and prepped some pieces before leaving the city.

  7. Since all of the homophobic rhetoric in scripture is in the Old testament, it seems as though homophobia is a Phariseeic tradition. So, it is there for part and parcel to the behavior of the hypocrites and "whited sepulchers" inner filth that was personally critiqued by Jesus.

  8. I just watched an IG reel by Dan McClellan about this. Most of those references are misinterpretations of the text and have to do with hospitality and not homosexuality. Very interesting information.

  9. Do you mind posting it here? Could not locate.

  10. Gregory Prince is legit. His book David O. mcKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism is one of THE BEST histories on Mormonism.

  11. The Snufferite group believes that both Joseph and Hyrum were prophets, and then zero prophets until Snuffer himself.

  12. If you know your own worth, you give zero time to assholes like this. So I think your reaction has been healthy.

  13. You're 22, which is young enough to be too ignorant to know that it's not a good idea to be arguing with teenagers. But if you want to be seen as an adult by other adults, it's probably something that you'll soon curb.

  14. UHHHH to insinuate that im dating a minor is wild, he is younger but hes 20. like i said, these are people he met playing video games and the age of people you meet playing video games is all over the place. and as i said in my edit, this person is the only one whos a minor.

  15. Not insinuating that on the pedo level, just the maturity level.

  16. As long a you are discreet about it, that is a wonderful idea. I once had a woman approach me at work, while homeless, and made a HUGE deal about offering me a toothbrush and toothpaste. I could have strangled her, Ive never been so humiliated. Anyway, srry to make this about me, its not. That is more helpful of an idea than you can imagine. TY for helping and have a wonderful weekend!!

  17. Being discreet is just being trauma informed, so I'm glad you brought this up.

  18. How are they going to get mentally better and/or sober sleeping on the street? Housing first makes those things significantly easier and more attainable.

  19. This question that you are asking is the correct one. The neuroscientists have already figured this stuff out. You cannot experience any of the homeostatic states necessary for healing unless you are removed from the traumatic context that is causing you harm.

  20. Exactly. Gotta get them out of survivial mode first, and once their nervous systems have a chance to calm down and they're able to feel safe for the first time in who knows how long, then they'll be more receptive to recieving additional services they need. The mind isn't in a rational place when you're terrified and stressed out all the time, and this is applicable to anyone, unhoused or not, addict or not.

  21. Correct. Even housed people that feel unsafe in their living space are unable to heal, and have mental breakdowns, and self-medicate with substances that are too strong.

  22. Yes, you can independently adjust the delay and reverb effects mix of each channel going into the inputs, or you can mix them together as one stereo input.

  23. Yes they can be adjusted independently, but you generally never want to put modular levels directly into any interface or effects without attenuation.

  24. I have a tiny in between mixer I can use for that attenuation.

  25. If she was your friend, she would have defended you. Should have stood up to her father right there and then.

  26. I have a relative who is a retired cop, and he said that they absolutely have quotas. The just don't call them quotas, they call them "stats".

  27. Dispell this notion of an employment opportunity "taking too much time". Anything worthwhile takes time. You're going to spend that time anyway, right? It's not like 23 doesn't come after 22.

  28. ....but isn't there a way I can get from point A to point B in my vehicle, and simultaneously punish every other person I encounter with extreme prejudice?

  29. Anyone in your family that insists that you need to allow this person to still be a part of your life is a betrayer that doesn't authentically care about you.

  30. Yeah, this sucks. But don't let them determine what your worth is.

  31. *shrug, clergy abusing choir boys is what I would qualify as fucked up.

  32. The next question isn't for her, then. It's for you.

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