1. Considered that but I’m worried about the hop ons.

  2. Just be thankfull you dont get sleep-ins.

  3. Michael did a little detective work

  4. I think the bond game will be more linear and story driven, like Absolution

  5. Whats your Duration and Convexity, Mr Bond?

  6. Damn I would've jumped in there after the 2nd or 3rd nade and wouldve died like an idiot lol

  7. Ich hab langsam echt keinen Bock mehr. Seit Sommer 2019 hab ich "mein Leben unter Kontrolle". Studium fertig, Vollzeit-Job, keine halbjährlichen aufenthalte im Krankenhaus, gutes Geld. Läuft halbwegs bei mir. Aber seit dem hatten wir ne Pandemie, den Start eines Stellvertreter-Kriegs gegen Russland, explodierte Zinsen und jetzt schleicht Lehman-Brothers 2.0 Electric Boogaloo Edition am Horizont rum....

  8. Ah ja genau, 'wir' haben den krieg gegen Putin gestartet 🤡🤡🤡 erinnere mich noch genau wie alle nach der Zerstörung Russlands geschrieen haben vor feb24

  9. Horrible. Just to think what may be going on in his mind at that very moment....sheesh....

  10. Probably how nice prisons are vs dying alone in some random forest.

  11. Its worse than BF1 in pretty much every aspect. Except you can't cosplay as a samurai fighting black nazis in norway I guess

  12. I don't have a bad rig and I have the same problem. Nothing spawns in past ~400m like they say. It's almost no different than COTW in that respect. The only difference is that once they spawn in I can back away and they don't disappear.

  13. Weird, I have no problem finding herds past 1km without ever going there. Ultra settings.

  14. for Gambler 10 just replay "Who is Not Without Sin". You're scripted to get a three card streak.

  15. I have 450hours in rdr2, how can I replay missions on pc, I didnt know that was possible😭

  16. This video lacks the fucking belgorod chopper raid early in the war, when people thought Russia had air defense

  17. Was, thats why you should always larp in a basement, not in an invasion

  18. I haven't skipped legs more than twice this year...#geneticsexcuse

  19. Whatever the other dude posted isnt it lol

  20. Did you find out which mod is causing this? I'm having the same problem right now.

  21. Same here, did you find it out?

  22. Is there any way to play rdr1 on PC?

  23. 29 people in a group assignment? Jesus, >3 I feel it gets reaaaally unproductive lol

  24. Damn, this looks so familiar! Is it art from a Magic The Gathering card??

  25. Let me ponder my orb in search of the answer

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