1. The zip lining episode really blew, super underwhelming the whole time and then cringe af ending, which brilliantly so seemed to be the point/joke 😂

  2. Because he’s a rich pot farmer with the nicest toilet in the country

  3. Tools music is very clearly introspective and godtier subjective. You can only hear/enjoy/dislike it for yourself. However reviews can of course be interesting and thought provoking from time to time, but only to be taken with a grain of salt. Take in their music however you can and however helps. It’s fkn psychedelic self-help progressive alt metal, not radio music.

  4. i wasn't even aware stan and wendy were a thing again. i'm not being very attentive to this show anymore.

  5. I do agree it wasn’t totally in character for them but also Stan and Wendy have always been used to tell the contemporary couple jokes and frankly it seems pretty on point to use them to speak on the AI apps

  6. Kinda surprised there’s no Chili Peppers nor Sublime anywhere on this list

  7. I’ve basically posted this same thing once before a while back, and I still totally agree. They’ve both aged on to me as being among the most important songs of the bands entire catalogue, partially for the sake of sharing the bands sound with friends not as adjusted to heavier music. The two pairs, trio for Disp and Refl if you just make it the holy trinity with Triad, are among my all time favorite listening experiences if you don’t simply count full albums. I can’t necessarily pick a favorite.

  8. Because Korra was totally broken at the end of book 3. There’s no comparison.

  9. I pretty much agree. I don’t fully understand “for hot people only” but I will say Salival has been a great afterglow/hangover in bed listening experience several times. I literally don’t remember anything about the first demo but it reminds me of what Primus did.

  10. Stupid and overrated. Seems to me to be satirical of Nirvana’s softer style

  11. The universe is hostile So impersonal Devour to survive So it is So it’s always beennnnnnnnnnnnn

  12. I enjoyed all 3 but realistically the only good one is the first. Hot take, by far the strongest trilogy in the MCU is Captain America's. All 3 are really solid films, with the Winter Soldier being one of the best in the MCU.

  13. I thought the first Cap film was kind of lame until Winter Soldier came out and brought certain things together in a better way. Fantastic trilogy even though Civil War gets pretty cheesy at some moments

  14. Ok now see with Superunknown and Led Zeppelin IV the list makes wayyy more sense

  15. It’s one of the ultimate rock n roll song about drugs, but with masterful satire. It’s also debatably the absolute best of the band as a whole as well as each individual member in both skill and personal quintessential style.

  16. Could be about martyrs, or perhaps one could even relate it to the death of one’s ego and/or past self. Moving on to a new stage in life with more maturity and knowledge than before.

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