1. He said he’s filming please call the police while he records the incident

  2. "Help I'm being kidnapped!" "Oh my God, don't worry!! I'll film while I yell for someone to help!" "My hero!!"

  3. Definitely not in New York hahaha maybe New Hampshire, if not you'll have to go to Georgia probably.

  4. This is in Ogonquit, right? I've driven by these houses before.

  5. Yep. This is in the Adeline luxury living building. 11th or 12th floor on the north side.

  6. Poor guy just wants to share his rug with the community and everybodys just trying to either find and steal it or pee on it

  7. The view makes it looks pretty green. I always thought it was just dry dessert over there.

  8. Why is it always a Canadian accent? I say it like this too!

  9. Yeah I’m thinking that at this point the slippery slope is no longer a fallacy. When we were talking about people with severe terminal illness and reducing their suffering, there was some earnest moral debate to be had about the right to die. I can absolutely sympathize with everyone on both sides of that debate. But Canada has taken it to its logical conclusion. By combining a right to die with government healthcare they are now in the business of encouraging people to be executed by the government not to save them from suffering but to save their government money. It’s also worth pointing out that that’s exactly how the Holocaust started. First it was the elderly and infirm, then mentally handicapped, then anyone with a mental disease, and they kept expanding their definitions until being Jewish was seen as some kind of disease.

  10. And Canada, as a European nation with a European king, sometimes cannot help but let the urge to systematically execute it's own people bleed through.

  11. Lmao not true at all, but whatever I guess you're right because

  12. Naw he meant that shit hole in MA. Tons of seasoning.

  13. If by seasoning you mean the stuff that falls off the people who live in the alleys near the Palladium, then yeah lots of seasoning!

  14. Now you can communicate in real Spanish

  15. Mine looks like Jack Nicholson sitting court side at a Lakers game

  16. Bueno yo no soy hablante nativo, pero no recuerdo haber escuchado esa construcción usado así. La condicional simple siempre aparece como diríamos "would" en inglés.

  17. Conozco a una pareja de músicos: ella toca el piano, y él la viola.

  18. Que rica te ves is pretty crude, yeah, at least in Colombia. Unless it is your partner and youre both comfortable sexually with each other. Calling somebody "Rico/a" in that sense is sexually charged.

  19. That would definitely make sense based on the response I got. I kind of fucked up on this one and I feel like it won't be the last time something like this happens 😭

  20. It's a part of learning! I know very well how it feels to be "embarazado" and then later apenado.

  21. Pues no le culpo también me verían bien gruñón

  22. I am so fucking OUTRAGED about this!! Everytime some

  23. No es por sonar simp, pero los manes que utilizan esa expresión son tremendos tarados.

  24. I would have no idea about that, just making an observation of my day-to-day life.

  25. Entonces ya se te pego el gusto a las dillas?

  26. Decir «Yo gusto» would be like saying "I am liked".

  27. I don't think H is that sad? It's about the birth of Maynard's son. I'd say The Patient fits better

  28. How are we supposed to know if you think H is that sad or not? Also I thought H had two things going on: Choice between time with son/time on the road, and a secondary interpretation of trying to kick heroin.

  29. Isn't his son's middle name H? If so, I doubt the song has anything to do with heroin.

  30. His son's middle name is H, yeah. I don't see why that makes any other interpretations invalid though. What Maynard intended to say doesn't mean anything to me, I care about what it means to me. Besides, I think Maynard himself has mentioned several times that the songs are for us to determine the meaning of, and he writes in a way that is masterfully ambiguous and crystal clear at the same time. The dude is a genius!

  31. "¿qué te parece que metan el perro en la cama?"

  32. Disdain??? We're not talking about France here are we? Where would this reaction happen, so I can never visit that place.

  33. Notoriously rude to French learners. Probably not as bad as Quebec, but they're rude to everybody anyway lol

  34. Esa es la idea, pero para eso la despelucas. A menos que tengas un bong industrial.

  35. O a menos que le encante el sabor de los tallos 🤢🤮

  36. The sad part is this kid probably has a terrible life in a terrible home, never taught how to properly assess his emotions.

  37. I think it's easy to assume this, but a lot of the time I think there is a mother at home crying and a pissed off father rubbing her back.

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