1. Not sure of any tracks but sorry for your loss and keep your head up g God will see ya throuhj

  2. Kay Flock is more like SJ Sus is like Coachdaghost

  3. Man said a Ghanaian girl moving like this her parents must be pissed

  4. Respect the listener what you on about 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 is drill it’s meant to be super violent if you don’t like it switch genres

  5. Yh but yanko used to be smooth with it now it’s sounding corny

  6. dushane is a wasteman sully got morals but still bare tapped and jamie was dumb and way too eager for making that move to the plug. should have waited and visited him another time. small mistake like that cost his life.

  7. xiit says:

    He has more serious sins to worry about than music

  8. Guys like skepta, d double e and Jme are reaching that mark but for this gen I could see Dave, unknown t, Digga d, Stormzy and even rimzee having that longevity even rimz has been about

  9. If we all go and say we did it they have to free him

  10. • Little Kingston 🇯🇲 - Brixton

  11. He’s made body about ten times now and I’m not talking remixes

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