1. I click da power button and log in literally as easy as windows

  2. They both kill not just the men, but the women and children.

  3. I'm pretty sure you can enable the use of magisk modules on it

  4. I'm using a pixel 4xl, kernelsu only supports gki kernels, it's a shame

  5. Well the phone I have is a sony xperia 5 ii with lineage is but I want to put the default firmware back on it as the camera performs better

  6. Obviously rule 3 but also keep in mind that these are literally teens and saying that any characters depicted are 18 doesnt change much. Not gonna say anything else or criticize anyone but this is something i would keep in mind

  7. Paid off? Or did you mean they're paying for artificial views?

  8. nah, just some idiot/troll wanting attention besides chinese knock off android tv boxes dont usually have any associated company who could pay him off even if he was accepting bribes

  9. You sound like someone who rejects vaccines, rejects conventional medicine and discredits other's mental health issues

  10. ik old post but it sounds like you are a twitter user lol.

  11. interestingly the guy who made the mike fan battle used the blue soul - doesnt really mean much with it being a fan game but i thought it was interesting to point out

  12. Posts like this makes me feel hopeless for us as a society, as a species. You'll get a lot of responses from people who haven't raised kids, many still are kids, and they haven't been taught responsibility and family. Asking your son to help on an unexpected situation is not, and should not be, a problem. Your son's response is entitled and gross, honestly. While being disappointed at the interruption would be fine, even appropriate, hanging up on you is disrespectful, and refusing to help is selfish and disgusting. Like societies, family only works when everyone contributes. Your son using YOUR car is a privilege, not a right, and it's up to you to extend that privilege to him... or not. The hanging up on you and the disrespectful way he spoke to you is all on its own enough reason to, at the very least, suspend that privilege. You do not have to tolerate disrespect, no matter how "upset" he was.

  13. Gonna be completely honest here if i got a call by my dad telling me i had to pick up my sister and leave my date, i would be very annoyed but would i make it obvious? - no. I would ask if there were alternatives and if not then i would do it

  14. They might not be really using Discord per se (official servers). Ukraine could have hosted an instance of Fosscord on servers they control, and configured all the clients to use their own server. After all military intel is top secret

  15. If this is a true ukrainian military picture then that seems the most likely option.

  16. It looks like YouTube Music but somehow themed

  17. Whatever you do dont go onto Hypixel if you go the pojavlauncher route because you get an immediate ban

  18. I use Proton VPN all the time whenever im connected to a wifi network which isnt my own and it doesnt really drain my battery at all

  19. If you are on android search YouTube Revanced learn how to get it and there is an option to hide shorts you will thank me later

  20. Plenty of places we can go the most obvious being discord but guilded and telegram also work if all else fails we could use iirc

  21. Ignored Berdly's character development, Nubert not in his own top tier, an insane jester and a deranged capitalist in the top tier, and Terry in the same tier as Jerry?! Awful tierlist.

  22. Chaos Chaos!!! don't you want to be a [big shot]

  23. I think everything else is fine other then the headerbar it is literally worse then gnome and the corners much too rounded

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