1. It's a MicroG issue, so it's also happening in ReVanced. Not all G accounts are affected though.

  2. I just trade uBlock by Adnauseam, Enhanced for YT do almost the same of uBlock, and Adnauseam use less RAM

  3. Yes, it does have adblock functionality, but uBlock works on every website.

  4. Hey, Is your Re vanced or Vanced working now? If not then share your problem, I might be able to help.

  5. No, not at the moment. Only if I sign out of my account, it works fine. I'm trying other apps to see if they work while I'm signed in with my G account...

  6. Which one do you use Re Vanced or Vanced? If you don't mind, then i have updated the post with new steps. You can try it. Uninstall Re Vanced.

  7. I use ReVanced. Thanks, I'll try. I think the issue is coming from the account itself, because on SmartTubeNext the videos were not loading. When I signed out, all went back to normal. I checked with my wife's account and her ReVanced is working fine...

  8. You mean the auto play feature? I don't like it personally, but the devs could look into it.

  9. Would you mind sharing the parts/specs of your build?

  10. Well, I'm learning Flutter with Android Studio, which is an IDE. I like the integration of the virtual device, the inspector and the documentation. I think it saves you time.

  11. Amazing! With those skills you'll find a job quickly!

  12. 1, 2 and 3 are the same issue. you have issues with community addons, not the Stremio app, you can try asking community addon questions at

  13. Better yet, install the Torrentio addon. It works very well in my Fire TV Stick. Oh, and make sure you're using the AndroidTV version of the apk.

  14. When I press the download arrow, it gives me this X button and it says the download failed.

  15. Maybe the server's domain is being blocked. Are you using an ad-blocker?

  16. I also heard that Spotiflyer searches for songs to download fron yt music and not spotify.

  17. I'm not sure but for me it's working fine. Maybe your ISP is blocking the requests. Have you tried with your mobile data connection?

  18. this is exactly what im lookin for too..I like to watch stuff both English and Spanish..hopefully somebody helps

  19. After diggin' a little I found that RD can find links in Spanish.

  20. Thank You So Much! Im gonna give it a look, and yes I do use Stremio but I heard about a platform named "Weyd" which is similar to Syncler and Stremio..im gonna try the 7 days trial to see if I noticed if it any better or is the same,because I heard they have the best picture quality for TV in specific,although I still think Stremio Is already good enough to stick with it.Appreciate the Help

  21. About Weyd and Syncler, would you mind give any feedback after you've tried them please?

  22. I got a Fire TV Stick 4K Max when it was on sale and it's so easy to sideload apk's. Also, it's super fast and no hiccups while streaming at 4K. You also got voice support and the Silk browser it's pretty good.

  23. I'd love to be able to switch profiles without closing FF. To be honest not sure that is even possible.

  24. There's an add-on for that but maybe you already knew 😅

  25. I was getting this exact error couple of days ago, but doesn't the live image boot normally after this? And I was able to clean install KDE Neon thereafter too.

  26. Yes, it does boot after that message. I could install it and then boot to it. But I've never seen that message before. I wanted to reinstall the OS because whenever I tried to add the color picker widget, the desktop crashed. I thought maybe the iso file was corrupt or something...

  27. Well, if it doesn't happen on Mint, since you flashed your mobo bios, then that should rule out a damaged mobo or ram, I would think.

  28. I feel you. I hope it's not a hardware thing. I remember now that I downgraded the BIOS and then Mint didn't boot, no error messages but just a black screen. I forced shut down the PC and then it booted... I ran a memory test and sadly it showed errors on the hardware. I'm running MemTest86 right now but no errors so far after an hour... Why did I update the BIOS?! 😭

  29. It's a public forum. You can say it is not safe for work video and just post the link. The workaround would be for you to download the video and then use a tool like mediainfo to obtain what codec and containers the video uses and post it all here. It could be that video uses some proprietary codec available only on chromium browsers due to licensing. Or it could be a uBO filter blocking it on Firefox.

  30. Oh, some sketchy site that tries to infect you with some malware, trick you into giving them your phone number and so on :). The question might be best suited for

  31. Exactly LOL I'm already there mate ;) But since I tried to use FF to access that site (I wanted to try if it blocks the pop-ups), I asked here...

  32. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I use RD with Stremio and Torrentio add-on, but the links are mostly in English.

  33. You can get free hosting with Netlify. You don't need a domain but if you want one go with Namecheap.

  34. Thank you very much for your answer. It's just what I did with Kodi but I fell in love with CinemaHD integrated with RD, it's super easy and simple to watch something.

  35. The post is now deleted. What was the solution?

  36. what did you end up doing? and which pad and thickness you used that didnt work?

  37. I used the recommended thickness in the NiceHash website. After many failed attempts, I bought a pack from Kritical Pads, but it also failed. So I gave up and put the GPU for sale! I'm done with mining.

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