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  2. You will be treated kindly by the future AI overlords.

  3. guys guys it's not a lie. I'm that atheist. the person giving the hugs told me about flying spaghetti monster and how he sacrificed himself for our sins.

  4. One day, hopefully, scamming the vulnerable like this will not be tolerated.

  5. I'd scam them too if they're this stupid lmao. they're literally pretending to be godfucked after he touches them

  6. Nah brainwashing from early childhood will do that, not to mention where they’re at they’d probably get beaten to death or at the very least outcast from society if they stopped. At that point it’s understandable that they really want to believe in all of that

  7. india has more 'beheading the entire family and twerking on their grave' cases than incest ones

  8. Yeah like, a tank that has high damage at Long range, high damage at Close range and can make every teammate do double damage... What where they thinking

  9. i don't think you've played r-t. his attacks are very hard to hit, he has massive hit box, and even jacky outranges him in second form. he's like bonnie but worse.

  10. What's Carl's counter?

  11. If you think, that makes him op, then oh boi I don't even want to imagine how terrible you are in brawl stars. (Probably below 30k trophies)

  12. high usage is directly proportional to popularity idk what are you talking about

  13. Wtf do these guys think ? Do they think brawl stars have a printing machine to print out Money m if they aren't charging real money for the pass something has to be readjusted to compensate for that .

  14. Imagine an AI with the expertise and qualities of your average doctor in the United States. Not the best, but good enough to get the job done. Now imagine that quality of doctor in the palm of your hand using an app on your cell phone. Now imagine that same app in the hands of the poorest countries in Africa, south America, and South Asia!

  15. mass deletion of posts, targeting certain redditors, massive piece of shit, sexiest, deletes gender equality posts. she was pretty much involved in recent

  16. glad i had unsubbed from this sub this sub has went to shit

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