1. Tom Hanks has a son who is a degenerate piece of shit. Does that make Tom Hanks a degenerate piece of shit?

  2. Well considering he moved to Greece where pedophilia is considered to be a mental illness, not a crime when his producer/rapists was busted……I’d say ya he’s a creep too. A whole bunch of horrible stuff came out about him right when he happened to get covid with his wife.

  3. I've had it 3 times. It was the worst when I wasn't vaccinated. Now I'm vaccinated and boosted and yeah, it's like the typical flu I normally get once a year but at least for COVID I have the extra sick time.

  4. Please let the next one be Trudeau, but only if Freeland ISN'T the replacement!

  5. No you don’t understand this is something that will hurt us all 🫠🤕🫴🥜

  6. Boy, they are so anti-establishment and edgy!

  7. My theory is that the left is blackmailing bands like Rage and people like eminem to do their bidding. The dirt won’t come out as long as the day what they are told.

  8. Duh he owns a coal plant makes 500k off of it. His son also works in the coal industry and hid daughter is the one who quadrupled the price of the epipen

  9. Funny part is if he didn’t go against the grain, no dems would care. Look at pelosi.

  10. How stupid is everyone in this thread? Gates foundation does wonderful things and has saved many lives. Imagine complaining about one of the smartest people in the world spending his own money in a way he thinks will help the most people.

  11. Look up the effects of his “charity” in Africa. They hate him there with a passion for using them as Guinea pigs and pretty much committing genocide, according to them.

  12. Putting the word charity in quotes is disingenuous.

  13. You mean he paid PR firms to fix his image since so it doesn’t count anymore? Ok

  14. But I was told Bart is super safe and we should all be taking our kids on it instead of driving. Weird…if you look up Seattle public transit. Videos they have made a law that you cannot be removed from the subway during business hours. Every seat is taken by a junkie during all business hours. It’s just a moving home now

  15. But I was told that running a sprawling public transit agency in a region that has been designed for, and dominated by travel by car is really easy and the existence of significant problems means the entire system is too dangerous to ever bring children on, and by depicting the whole system with a hyperbolic nightmare depiction is somehow going to help improve it.

  16. So basically don’t describe what it’s really like or no one will want to ride it? Then it somehow magically becomes desirable once it’s full of people?

  17. This is so stupid. I'm fully vaccinated and boosted and so are all my friends, many are getting awfully sick. Good luck with "moving on."

  18. Not vaccinated, got covid once. It was a bad cold for a few days. Smoker, late 40s, public job, only wear masks when I have to, large family. I can be your control for this experiment.

  19. If things aren't selling now, it's because it's the leftovers that no one wants to deal with or pay *that kind of money* for.

  20. I think we all know what he means when he says “led by the ‘US’ “ :laughing:

  21. Remember when it came out that Hilary wanted this world and everyone said that it’s BS?

  22. The fact that you took the time to take a picture, with number, then post it to Reddit is next level Karen.

  23. We shouldn't worry abouth mask mandates. It won't happen until November.

  24. Never stopped so I’m fine either way.

  25. If they actually work and if you don’t mind micro plastics in your lungs, good for you! Top notch virtue signaling!

  26. Hahahaha, too bad California, you chose a clown.

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