Since when can Endermen do THIS?

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  1. Clean the colors and lines up a bit, and I could EASILY see this being bought online!

  2. I have revived my passion for remaking these at home because of your post.

  3. I utilize Large Biomes as a rule. I just can't get immersed in a 100x100 desert. It needs to FILL MY RENDER DISTANCE for me to really GET it, so this fragmentation doesn't hit me so much.

  4. Oh, I absolutely still use large biomes, but considering rivers don't change I'm guessing that the large biomes setting doesn't affect the noise map that determines biomes, so rivers still split everything up and the biome'll also get broken up into different terraini-based sub-biomes, so... >.>

  5. I've taken to using "WorldPainter" to eliminate my river woes, and have gone a bit too far in other directions with it, but it is troublesome to deal with preexisting caves and ravines.

  6. I suspect that you, my brother in arms, share in the collective righteousness that is the love of shortstack/goblin/imp-ish girls.

  7. It's not uncommon at all! In fact, most of the developed world does this for the same reason IRL.

  8. I'm just now seeing your MC builds, and they're beyond impressive!

  9. Emphasize the gate by framing it with a thicker structure that stands out more, with a special guard tower section just for it.

  10. Add rooms, and the manners of which to access those rooms.

  11. Youre not a pervert for pointing out that this is obviously kinda sexualized

  12. If you look at what is "sexualized" nowadays, this doesn't seem to elude a pursuit in sexualization.

  13. I'm working on some new enderman behavior, what do you think?

  14. So from my research, this only happens if there is a problem with the mods you have installed currently on your Minecraft that directly affect the specified world. Or in my case, it was because the world save file got corrupted. I fixed it by going into the world files, deleting LEVEL.DAT (Lastest save), and renaming LEVEL.DAT_OLD (2nd latest save) to LEVEL.DAT so it will be seen as the current save and load that. But don't do this. (Edit: I'm dumb, do this one, I didn't read the last part) (Edit 2: Also, don't just delete the latest save, if the problem is also at LEVEL.DAT_OLD, you might just lose the latest save that MIGHT be saveable, just rename it and move it to a different folder)

  15. This was an incredible aid to me when I was fearing hopelessness.

  16. This seems really fascinating! Is it based on the Biome data? Why is it all off by 0.05?

  17. the warmest snowy biome in Minecraft (Snowy Beach) has an in-game temperature of 0.05 which is why its off by 0.05. I considered 0.05 to be the freezing point.

  18. The amount of Elon threads, primarily via Twitter screenshots of something he's said, on this sub the past few weeks has been outrageous. I can't believe anyone is falling for his whole schtick at this point..

  19. Dunno what sort of schtick it is, but it seems to be working to me.

  20. It's not a problem as long as the staff producing the series ACTUALLY APPRECIATE THE SOURCE MATERIAL.

  21. Pretty sure, given the whole collection of posts that were actually archived and still viewable, this was about his usage of cocaine and prostitutes whilst doing government work in Ukraine.

  22. Was gonna ask what this is, but I suppose now it's unnecessary.

  23. thanks but can you also translate what the cat is saying? appreciate it.

  24. 「るりゃあおうん。」- "I have been denied?"

  25. I was lost a bit on the first sentence, so thank you.

  26. Are they real? If so I wanna see them too. Would love to lurk in there and see the shit they post.

  27. Nah, they're only accessible to alt-dimension IP addresses.

  28. truly sinful to know of such depths of depravity.

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