1. Wait they call names at the overall ceremony? I thought we only walk the stage at our school-based ceremony

  2. Are there tickets for May 12th? I only saw tickets for our school based commencement.

  3. Actually someone just told me something similar. I may be wrong, would you mind confirming for me? 😅

  4. Okay thanks for the heads up! If i need extra tickets, what’s the best way to go about it?

  5. Late August or September will kill a lot of your MD apps unless you are a crazy good candidate. However, DO that is still very much fair game

  6. Whens your test? There’s a 10 day deadline where u cant change anymore

  7. And even if he is fw wit that y’all would still fuck wit him and listen to his music

  8. He cheated on the mother of his child, skipped the birth of his son, beat and choked his new girlfriend, slapped rubi rose in an airport, and you want us to be mad about THIS??

  9. You’ll be okay. I’ve done this unfortunately for a while. Make sure you get something to eat, nice coffee, and block out a good chunk of time. You’ll have to forego any other activities and focus due to lack of time. It’s hard to give advice if not knowing which class. At this point memorization is key, understanding concepts often takes a bit more than a day. Memorize all the slides and notes you may have, if there are quizlets available use them. Textbook the day before often becomes too much imo. Do practice problems. And have confidence, you got this!

  10. If anyone threatens his son while they are in the car enjoying his visitation, he will kill them with a pump

  11. To piggyback off this, is there a way to turn off the placeholders they put for cover art? I dont mind just the music symbol but ive noticed for some tracks it puts a stock photo of like people or famous musicians from that genre. Anyway to turn that off specifically?

  12. Audi/bmw/merc is in the good to wait range or is now the best time?

  13. I guess, probably trade it in for a 2.0 they are much more fun dailies.

  14. A3 from 2021+, A6 from 2019+, A7 from 2019+, Q7 from 2020+, A8 from 2019+, Q8, and e-tron (now called Q8 e-tron)

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