My life is over.. Hopes and dream are crushed. It was a nice life while it lasted. Farewell all, it’s been a fun journey.

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  1. Good. Its been a long time and my braces are off now. I am wearing my retainer only during the night. I am happy with the results.

  2. Hello, I just got braces and have an overbite and really small chin that it makes my face round. Did you explain these concerns to your ortho? I'm so scared that my face is going to look more sunken after elastics. Do you have any before and after photos?

  3. Unfortunately I did not make any before and after photos. My face changed only for the better after getting braces but the changes were not that drastic. I think there are a lot of myths spread around or maybe some orthos are inexperienced, can't really tell. I would not worry about that and just trust your ortho. I explained my concerns to my ortho and she said that the changes to my face will be positive and they were.

  4. How many primos can we get from all the events and chests rn?

  5. Thanks for posting this. I was reading thru the comments like damn does no one realize this guy might be in danger/is seeking positive reinforcement? If I had the money for buying awards I’d give you one :sob:

  6. Is Rasasi Hawas for Him discontinued? I am looking for it all over

  7. Are there any books for a beginner that are actually useful and contain

  8. Would 100% buy Danny although he reminds me of Dora the Explorer a little bit somehow

  9. I think I heard that somewhere. Might be wrong though.

  10. If someone has a spare ticket for Krakow hmu

  11. Anyone want to grab a beer and have some chat at Tauron in Krakow? If there is a bar, hopefully :)

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