1. I always heard it as “Jambi eyes” which I thought that’s where the title came from

  2. The title is based off of Jambi the Genie from Pee-Wee’s play house. Danny thought that Justin’s bass sounded like Jambi’s chant, that’s what Maynard based the lyrics off of. I.E. “I would wish it all away”, like wishing to a genie.

  3. I know as much, but when I first heard the song I thought it was kind of like those made up words that tool sometimes like to use, so I heard it as “Jambi eyes”

  4. That was actually pretty funny to me because my question card said something like “Can you please explain your role in the song Bottom by Tool and how much of it was rehearsed/improvised, as well as any additional information about the song you can provide.”

  5. Urine being juxtaposed to sex is the theme of the day? Crap, I thought that was Tuesdays

  6. Due to popular demand, it’s now the theme for Tuesdays AND Thursdays! See you next Tuesday?

  7. To be fair, I did discover this/Henry Rollins when I was about 14, so you’re not totally off.

  8. Season 1 episode 2 of Snack VS Chef on Netflix. He mentioned it because they were recreating Pringles, which have a parabolic shape.

  9. I took the CZ a couple of weeks ago from Chicago to Emeryville and it was a really awesome experience. The scenery through IL and IA wasn't that exciting but the next two days were great. I'm not sure that you can get such a great mix of scenery anywhere else. It was snowing in the Sierra Nevadas which was a really interesting contrast to the other deserts, canyons, and mountains. The days were short given that it was early December, but I don't think that impacted my experience too much. Maybe I just don't know what I was missing.

  10. This is great to hear from a 6’ 4” person because I’m 5’6” so it sounds like it’ll be perfect! Also, I love “the kind of people that take trains over other transport are the kind of people you want to talk to.”

  11. That was somewhere along the Colorado River, so somewhere between Granby and Glenwood Springs. Taken from the observation car. :)

  12. This kind of feels like an aftermath of “Eating Together” by Kim Addonizio

  13. True but if I was a hooker with a penis he'd be paying me all day friend.

  14. I dunno. I feel like you’d be offering him your services free of charge…

  15. By listening to this song you are effectively listening to Danny rub one out

  16. When they open the door I’ll be like “fetch me the spirits (preferably vodka)”

  17. Perfect. After a few of those I’ll feast like a sultan.

  18. I have a ticket for the Oakland show, willing to part it for $70 flat OBO

  19. Jealous :( do you have any more photos or video from this show?

  20. For real today I learned that Deftones fans are wack as hell.

  21. Yeah it was definitely the Deftones fans, not Turnstile’s. It was tolerable during Phantogram, got increasingly worse when Turnstile was playing and by the time Deftones came on, people stopped having any shred of decency. I’ve been in a lot of pits and that one was the worst and most dangerous. Genuinely thought I was going to get crushed. Turnstile put on a killer show though!

  22. The nonexistence of a Maynard’s Dick/Parabol/Parabola mashup is nothing short of blasphemy

  23. I live in SD; saw that Puscifer is performing tonight; went on StubHub & after a roller coaster of events snagged tickets. The seller sent me a screenshot of the tickets; praying to sweet baby jesus I didn’t get scammed. Saw the band this summer and absolutely loved it. Fingers crossed for tonight.

  24. Slipped away from me, tippy toed away from me....

  25. Reddit search is so shit and it's not my fault. The post is true. The other thing is many years ago I mentioned on this sub how TOOL won't put a screen on their new album due to cost and then years later FI is out with a screen with a huge cost.

  26. It’s missing a shit ton of punctuation. It also has letters that should not be capitalized while simultaneously having a letter that needed to be capitalized…

  27. I wonder if Paul ever goes to see TOOL live and how he feels watching them.

  28. Yeah I’ve wondered the same. Feel like he’s either a repeat VIP in disguise or avoids their shows like the plague. no in between.

  29. I feel like I shouldn't enjoy this as much as I do. It's a bit overwrought, but seems unashamed

  30. I had the exact same thoughts! Down to the Tool reference!

  31. Weekdays are a nice, quiet time to go. It's just far enough off from Halloween and Thanksgiving to pick something for an Autumn pie, or just enjoy the atmosphere. The tractor was pulling the hay ride carts...I brought a little pic-nic and purchased a sarsaparilla soda to enjoy. Today's purchases included a big blue squash, poppy seeds, and jalapeño relish. Edit: there is actually a "Nate's Butt Farm" T-shirt for sale with mooning pumpkins. C'mon, we've all thought it since we were kids in the 'Daygo. Will pick one up next trip if it's still there.

  32. Have you gone during a weekend recently? I’d like to go this weekend but don’t want it to be complete madness.

  33. “sinful actions too holy for confession” you’re willing to lose that part!?

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