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  1. I love how nationalism and racism is so rampant in shitholes

  2. I always thought that the average American is more prone to kill another person, they want people to trespass their property to shoot them, the officer wants people to endanger hip so he can should them..

  3. We came across 2 years past expiration Coca-Cola at a clearance store once, we got other options with much less time past expiration date..

  4. The last thing them NS pipelines seen coming.. RIP

  5. Is this the man-child husband I've been seeing videos of on social media

  6. I hate seeing other people living my dreams (never tasted a fruit roll-up in my life)

  7. I know it says Europe, but it still looks weird without the North African coast to the south

  8. Especially when during these period, jews seeked refuge in North Africa

  9. As a non American, I am totally against restricting Americans from buying guns

  10. VP pushing the air rn, all her life work to put mfers in jail for cannabis possession..

  11. As someone who has ruined their dinner by mistakingly opening the larger hatch and dumping a kilo of black pepper, this seems like a way to prevent those kind of shortcomings

  12. Airbnb is dying slowly and they want to speed up the process..

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