1. Yes—gas trapped in splenic flexure (google that and you’ll see—see if it matches your symptoms). I’ve had it a few times—resolved by itself

  2. I'm not actually sure if I still have much of a splenic flexure anymore, but I will look into this. Thanks.

  3. Super strange, I get this too under the left side. I used to think it was visceral but I recently came across ‘slipping rib syndrome’ and I think that it makes sense for what I feel. It’s when your last rib is misaligned and moves/irritates underneath your rib cage, it’s more common with abdominal surgeries.

  4. I had read about this but disregarded it as I too thought it felt too visceral to be that. Now I'm not so sure...

  5. I read Desperation first and in comparison the Regulators felt like a crazy fever dream rather than an actual story. Didn't really care for it much.

  6. Holy s**t, those things are like hens teeth. Well done on your find.

  7. Stephen King's Dark Tower series and his other book co-written with Peter Straub called Talisman fit the bill.

  8. You could be right? Stephen King in my opinion can’t be replaced. But is there some writer in the horror genre that you will go to to fill the void?

  9. Well at the moment I am very much enjoying reading Robert McCammon's books.

  10. I just started reading him, Boy's Life and Mine so far, so good!!

  11. Those are next on my list, I'm just about to finish Swan Song (which is very good!)

  12. This is a really good idea. Why didn’t i think of that? Thanks.

  13. It is in the Kitchenette. I don’t let these books leave my bedroom. I don’t want anyone touching them. I might could leave them at work.

  14. Put the portable in the bedroom and just have a hot kitchenette 😂

  15. I recently compiled a megathread of

  16. Just wanted to join in the love for Swan Song. I first read it back in high school thanks to a recommendation from a book club I had joined at the time. I devoured the book over Thanksgiving holiday and it quickly became an all-time favorite.

  17. It's definitely going to become very high up in my all. Time favorite reads. I've just got to the part

  18. Why not surprise her by taking her to a really nice bookshop and saying to her once you arrive, "Happy Birthday! Choose anything you would like."

  19. The paper feeling of this one, and the weird ink patterns made me think I'd got an inkjet printed replacement when I first got this 😆

  20. It's kind of hinted that this could possibly be the last time he has to live the loop due to having the item he needed. I'd love it if king released a sort of addon book that allows you to brach off from the main story and finish the book having the item he needed. Would it all end? Would he still be missing something? I wanna know!

  21. Have you got the ally Beckett? He's got a decent length, interesting quest line.

  22. I'm not sure what you're reading on there, but for me it says February 28, 2023 - June 2023

  23. I thought it's Mai and in 2 days June 🤦🏻‍♂️

  24. I've been doing that too recently. Time has been really weird the last few weeks.

  25. Yes, the last 2 weeks have gone by as though it only been a couple of days. I've never known it feel this fast before. I thought it was just me, but everyone I've spoken with says the same.

  26. Isn't 76 meant to be set just after the first people to leave the first vaults, hense why at release there were no npc's, only holotapes and skeletons.

  27. First time doing it, and I'm trying to do it as much as possible to read every book. It's definitely going to wear thin at a point. I'm trying to do it in different ways every time to keep it interesting!

  28. Are you playing on an old outdated console? I was having these issues on xbox one but when I upgraded to series x all the issues went away.

  29. Yes. Duping has been an issue on all platforms. It used to happen a lot even unintentionally in the early days.

  30. Never knew that, I thought Console was pretty safe from the duping and hacked items.

  31. Hacked and duping are different things. Duping is basically exploiting bugs or server lag. Hacking is actually injecting items into the game.

  32. Yeah I knew they were different things, just thought Console was safe from both.

  33. Dollars have no value though. They're only good for clothe. Caps and gold are the currency.

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