1. Honestly, Junkrat has the best skin collection in the entire game. Like you could argue that other characters have better singular skins, but the rat's whole ensemble averages far better than the rest of the cast.

  2. cricket is the only skin i dislike but i think zenyatta is a close second. cultist nutcracker are just classics he has other really cool ones like samzang

  3. I love the cricket skin and didn't really get the hate when it launched.

  4. its cool cuz its australia they play alot of it and i understand it, its jus he has a lot better ones its not bad its just mediocre compared to the rest

  5. Lmao now I've seen everything

  6. I think he's actually a lot better than most people who play him realize. If you can predict general movements, it's really easy to zone or get kills from just medium to long range. Close range, all you need to do is primary + concussion mine to combo most people. If a flanker jumps on you, you have 2 charges of concussion mines to either escape or win the duel. Trap gets a ton of good value either CCing or zoning off flanks. His ult is very consistent to get at least one kill, especially if you are patient and use abuse it's vertical movement. Even against flying heroes he's not useless as it's fairly easy to confirm kills on low health heroes with concussion mine or his ult.

  7. yea, ive killed pharahs if there low or gotten a lucky two piece on them. but most of the time its hard for me to even touch them if there playing far

  8. pharah counters junkrat, and whenever you do somewhat well someone on ememy team switches too pharah which is understandable but ruins your fun if you want to play junkrat. shes airborne and it can be hard to hit her

  9. junkfood has so many dope details amd a cool look i think, if it was me that one but if you not into the pink then biligerat

  10. I don’t know of any workshop modes/games for Junkrat, specifically, but there are a couple of aim arenas I know of where he is playable. You could spend some time looking into those, I suppose. Not sure how much help that’d be though.

  11. I WANT to say Junkrat. But if you think about it we don’t know much about who he was before the radiation stuff. Same goes for Hog. All we know is the stuff from the comics and basic lore. And if you really think about it? We know absolutely nothing about Junkrat and Roadhog. Just their names

  12. There's so much potential to his lore...I can't wait to see him in PVE

  13. they brought back that zen skin and put it in a shop, and theyre bringing back old bp skins soon i would really love this skin to come back

  14. Im sorry, I may be a little stupid. Do you mean like uninstall then reinstall or exit the game, then re-enter the game like normal?

  15. no like if you have a pc either restart the whole thing or if you have a playstation press options on the game while you’re not in the game itself theres a restart button, idk what ti do for xbox or switch

  16. How is Hog even a candidate here vs the others? Have I missed some essential Roadhog lore?

  17. i mean, the idea that he was a good guy and i heard was apart of the army but turned into a crazy killer either bevause of the omnics or junkrat is pretty cool to me

  18. Anti has cooldown and can be missed/blocked though. Discord is literally free

  19. can be blocked by shields and by goin behind a wall, thing is zen is way more easier to kill then ana from experience so i think focusing him will make it hell for zen players

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