1. My market is such a trash bin, I probably couldn't make this in 100 hours.

  2. You'd have to change your phone number, but they might check your ssn in which case it'll say you were deactivated and they'll do it again

  3. They actually check your driver licence info and see if it matches another account, if it does they tell you to switch to it even if it's deactivated. if you request to delete your old account it might work

  4. Mine is telling me to "use the same device that I used to open my varo account" for me to qualify for zelle.... YES you read that right.

  5. And using that still doesn't work, but they're "aware of the problem"

  6. Is it normal or the start of the season to be extremely difficult or is something different this time? I just lost 20 assault games in a row and I don't feel good. Do you just slog through for an unknown number of curbstomps until it finally matches you with people your level?

  7. Para’s not new. DoorDash at least was deactivating people for using it.

  8. It's helpful for sure but since you need to provide your password you also need to hope this app doesn't get hacked. Not sure it's worth it to me.

  9. We only get $15.5 guaranteed this week outside NYC. Probably says how saturated we are here.

  10. I got my scheduling removed twice because I got 0 orders, I doubt blocks are even making much of a difference in this market right now. Elsewhere might be better where they didn’t saturate too much

  11. no hudson. close enough. I turn on in bergen though sometimes, I used to get orders even without it being my market

  12. Go to help section and open a chat about each trip. If the estimate is very different they will sometimes pay it

  13. The guarantee terms don't mention cancellation. Messaged them since I didn't receive the payout. They said I was eligible and gave me $37. Just say you completed the average of X per hours and reached the acceptance % requirement. And take screenshots of the promo next time just in case

  14. So this must be what that long dark line is on the old poster of the city in the Hoboken historical museum

  15. How does Uber pick an choose to give some markets this while completely fucking over everyone else

  16. It’s in CAD so it’s actually $100 less but Uber seems not to use tips to subsidize pay as much there since less tip to begin with

  17. Busier than the rest of the week but it still doesn’t match the old days, even when it wasn’t raining.

  18. I'm new and confused, if you weren't the shopper or the customer, who were you?

  19. This is normal now in some markets. You need to be scheduled.

  20. I wonder if working on the water for long hours burns you out and makes you not enjoy sailing as much. In the same vein as someone who loves pizza working at a pizza parlor, eventually enjoying the pizza less and preferring other food. I'm afraid it wouldn't be worth the pay in that case.

  21. i'd blame it on january but i've noticed uber has been slower than DD which is rare in my market. not sure what's happening

  22. Past two Januaries were really good for me personally, easily averaged $30 even on Wednesdays. Can’t even do that on the weekend now.

  23. i also just witnessed lightning/thunder, did you? Still not enough. I imagine it won’t even be good if we get a snowstorm.

  24. You can do that with the icons with jailbreak for sure. Not sure about the case but it could be modified probably.

  25. Nah, I usually logged during online when doing Uber. Though never accepts any ping. Does that count inactive? We aren’t employee.

  26. I think if you toggle online within 3 months you are fine. Even then they will reactivate you if you were inactive, happened to me. Hope they aren't trying to cull the herd due to it being so slow. I got deactivated from another app and they didn't even announce it or the reason for it.

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