1. It's never been officially confirmed as an intentional thing, but if you combine Wings For Marie Pt 1 and Viginti Tres, and then sync that over 10,000 Days, it's considered the "Hidden Track." There's a handful of YouTube videos about it... there used to be a completed version up somewhere but I'm not finding it. It actually does fit together suspiciously well, leading me to believe that it's meant to be that way.

  2. For me it's still my favorite album in the sense that it's the one I play the most

  3. Except Barresi didn't produce any Tool albums. He's credited for mixing and engineering on FI and 10KD.... which are VERY different roles from producing.

  4. Let me rephrase, both tool and chevelle used Barrasi, which I believe his influence can be heard in the albums he is credited on.

  5. Uh huh. And who are the idiots thinking there’s some “secret album” that Tool created by switching up the song order?

  6. Who's the insufferable retard who went out of his way to insult people who are finding meaning in art? Are you 100% sure you aren't the asshole?

  7. It's a reference to spirituality. "We are eternal, all this pain..." Unlimited love is what you feel when having a mystical experience on psychedelics

  8. I think the build and climax are lackluster. They are simple chords and rhythms that are unified but without much emotional punch. I don’t love the first half much either, but if it had built and elaborated upon and referenced it’s own complexities the way an average tool song of that length would do, it could have been a much more satisfying song. For me. Opinionland over here.

  9. It seems to be intentionally underwhelming throughout parts of the album. Not because they couldn't pull it off, but rather to teach us a lesson.

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