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It comes on nearly all the major manufacturers, from Traxxas and Venom to E-Flite and Duratrax. Most of the cheap battery locations out of China use this plug as well. While it’s not fairly as nice as the Thunder Power plug below, it’s ubiquitous, and that makes it the logical selection for these brands. There are very few manufacturers that don’t use the JST-XH plug for their balance lead.

lipo battery storage

I know they aren’t rechargeable, but proper directions and temperatures for storing them can be useful, as they can degrade and leak if not stored correctly. I actually have discovered research articles that disagree with this assertion, and state that the batteries must be stored at much greater voltages. While I do not disagree with this webpage, I wish to see the place the information was drawn, to come back to my very own conclusion of which claim I ought to observe. I’m an entire ignoramus in this area but I’ve a query I’d recognize a solution to. I believe normal rechargeable batteries – AA, AAA, C and D etc – come to you all however ‘dead’. The pre-charged ‘Eneloop’ sorts obviously do not.

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You can get LiPo luggage designed for storing individual batteries, however you may also get bigger luggage that can fit as much as 20 batteries. The latter is protected sufficient for storage, but we advise separating a number of batteries into individual baggage throughout charging. The bare minimal requirement is to keep your LiPo batteries inside a LiPo-protected bag whereas they are saved, charging, or being transported.

I’m considering if I could find a charger that might come on as soon as per week for three-four hours issues may be OK however I do worry concerning the acid levels. I’m informed the alternative is to remove all the batteries and let them sit. All the shops around me have stopped carrying the battery I want for my camera . Wish I knew why, however you’ll be able to’t answer that I’m sure. Anyway, since no one carries them anymore, I’m having to get them organized online.

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