The Enlightenment of Class Dojo

Class Dojo has been getting a lot of buzz and there is good reason for the attention that the app is getting. This has become one of the premier applications for communication in the school systems. Teachers like this app because it lets them communicate with parents. Decades ago there were PTA meetings that had a lot of parent participation. This is not really the case anymore. Parents will show up for things like open house, but that may be the only time during the school year that many parents interact with teachers.

The Class Dojo app is designed to bring this type of community gathering of parents back via technology resources. The great thing about the app is that this is giving parents a change to take a sneak peak into the lives of their children without breaking the bank. They don’t have to take time off from work, and most parents already have smart phones. This means that the participation rate with the Class Dojo app has the potential to be quite high because so many people already have the smart devices. All that they have to do is download the apps to their phones or tablets. Even people that do not have a smart device can typically pick up a Kindle tablet for less than $50. That is the great thing about an app like Class Dojo. It is a cost efficient way to communicate.

There is a love for the app because it reaches a multitude of people. It is already translated in 40 different languages, and the app has managed to get to parents and teachers in 180 countries. This is a fast growing app and form of communication that shows that technology will be the platform that is used to teach. It will also be the platform that is used to reach out to parents. That is why there is a lot of excitement about what can be done with the Class Dojo app.

This is a new era of learning and there is a new wave of communication in education. This app helps the parents, but it also helps the kids that are in the classes. It shows children that their parents are concerned about their progress, and them encourages the kids to do better. Class Dojo is working wonders for all the working parents that want to be active in lives of their children.


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Busy Consumers Benefit from Image Recognition

For the general public, the first time they are exposed to any information about the image recognition field is when they first hear about facial recognition. This is in relation to security and most people first tend to hear about it in a television show about law enforcement. Though this technology on has been used to help identify and deal with criminal threats. Similar technology is available for another type of recognition, product recognition. This technology has become viable and commonplace with the development of mobile handheld devices.

When cell phones were first developed it was simply a vocal communication device. However, today’s smartphones have technologically surpassed the technical capability of those first cell phones. Not to mention the progression from desktop computers into tablets. With the addition of the internet, cameras, video recorders, and a slew of available apps to hand-held mobile devices it was only a matter time before object recognition was used by companies and consumers for their own benefit.

With modern mobile devices now equipped with cameras in combination with product recognition software. Consumers can point their mobile device at a product and easily search for more information. With Slyce’s innovative Universal scanner visual searches from image recognition will result in the comparison and identification of products similar to the product the consumer is searching for. Using a cell phone to simply take a picture of an image or scan a barcode and results will be received within 5 seconds. This is due to Slyce providing several search options to clients from HTTP API, native SDK, or an HTML 5 widget. This technology allows the consumer to not only quickly find similar items to those they scanned or snapped a picture but also gives consumers the ability to quickly purchase the item online.

This modern technology allows busy consumers who want to buy an item of clothing they saw on a person or in a magazine. To no longer have to use up valuable time looking for that product. Having instant product information has never been easier and the ability to quickly buy a product in today’s fast paced world is a valuable time saver.

Venezuela Council Removes Signatures From Recall Referendum Petition

As Venezuela continues to plunge headlong into a crisis, the government doesn’t seem to be working towards a solution nearly as much as it is working to keep President Nicolas Maduro in office. The country is falling apart, and people are rioting in the streets, demanding Maduro be unseated. The citizens are so determined to remove Maduro they circulated a petition to have him removed and submitted it through the proper and legal channels. The National Electoral Council has received the petition, and as originally reported in Euronews here, they are stalling. It seems there aren’t enough signatures, and many are being invalidated, but none of this seems to be true, it appears more likely that the council is simply looking to buy time to keep Maduro in office.

The opposition to Maduro gathered well over 1 million signatures, more than needed to secure a referendum says political analyst David Osio, but for one reason or another the council has decided to reject more than 600,000 of those signatures. They have made claims like signatures belong to dead people, and even so particular as to note that some people wrote the name Maduro with an O instead of a U.
The opposition is working hard to remove Maduro, and according to Osio seem to hit obstacles at every turn, but they aren’t ready to quit yet. They will continue to work to save the country by changing the government, they only way they say Venezuela can recover.



The future of the gold market on EPN’s Radio with Philip Diehl

Philip Diehl is the president of U.S. Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve is one of the country’s biggest private distributors of the U.S. government-issued precious metal (gold, silver and platinum) products.

Diehl is the former U.S. Mint Director and was on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio with Eric Dye analyzing the future of the gold market and the U.S. Money Reserve upgrades in the customer service department. The show has been a platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs to share their products, ideas, experiences, and strategies with their fellows.

Diehl’s entrepreneurial skills have transformed the U.S. Money Reserve to a real entrepreneurial agency. Since becoming the president, he has upgraded the customer service above the industry standards thus has established a healthy and satisfying relationship with its clients.

This year, the company has started a self-directed program where individuals can be in possession of physical gold as a means of securing and diversifying their assets. With this program that was started this year, in 2016, customers can benefit from an increase in gold prices – Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl has advised consumers willing to buy these precious metals to go for the U.S. minted precious metal coins because they are legal tender provided by the U.S. government. The U.S. minted gold coins offer guarantees concerning gold weight and purity. Read more: US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730

People are buying physical gold due to various reasons. The U.S. dollar is being threatened by the global politics for example what is happening in the Eastern countries like China, Russia, India, Iraq, Turkey, and Mongolia. These countries’ central banks are diversifying from the U.S. dollar and into the yellow metal (gold) for protection. This move can support the rising price of gold in the future. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Paper currency is stable when the government that has issued it is in power, and there are no political or economic crisis. When the government falls, the currency falls with it and becomes worthless – read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials – On the other hand, the scarcity and the finite quantity of the precious metals like gold, makes them stand out as last real currencies when everything else fails. Precious metals are not dependent on the dynamics of the government.

Many analysts have predicted that in 5 years the value of the U.S. dollar will begin to fall, so the potential for gold is likely to increase. The U.S. Federal Reserve has also pumped a lot of dollars in the economy to increase the hope of recovery, but this will create inflation. Gold will be a haven for choice for many.

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Bernardo Chua On A Mission For World Health

Bernardo Chua born in the Philippines has achieved great success in his business life. He began his career working for a company, Gano Excell, first in the Philippines and then he expanded the product to Hong Kong, Canada, and then to The United States of America. Chua while living in California became president of Gano Excel U.S.A. The Gano Excel product line includes capsules, coffees, teas and other food products that contain the well known oriental herb, ganoderma lucidium.

Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 and located an office in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. His staff of three has grown exponentially and expanded into 35 countries with thousands of independent distributors and employees.

Chua’s company structure is based on the direct selling principle popular in the Philippines and countries in the Middle East and Asia. The name has recently been changed to Organo but the product line and the dependence on the herb ganoderma lucidium has remained the same. It is the use of ganoderma lucidium that Chua feels can offer a multitude of health benefits to those taking the product.

The world is becoming more and more health conscious, and as people turn toward oriental techniques for health and well being, like yoga and oriental herbal medicine, they are having less confidence in the AMA, American Medical Association, dominated healthcare systems in The United States of America. Old folk remedies have been recently reintroduced on the Internet and are being adopted by computer users in the states and around the world.  If a product like ganoderma lucidium becomes popular in the states and Canada, Chua will be a very busy, very successful businessman.

Is Your Business Losing Sales? Fix Bad Search Results

The Search Fixers to the Rescue

Businesses are supposed to be a consistent source of revenue. Times can and do get tough do to a variety of unavoidable factors. And then there are those more malicious incidents capable of harming revenue potential. Bad reviews published online or news reports about embarrassing incidents can do a lot to undermine a business’ profit potential. Any business owner who scoffs at the notion of online reputation management is making a mistake. Reputation fixing could aid in getting that previously loss revenue restored.

There are a lot of things that spiral out of control when negative commentary makes it to the internet. Marketing strategies, for example, could be ruined. Imagine spending significant money on standard SEO and online promotional work only to discover the search engines are rife with disastrous reports about a company.

Competitors become more than a bit gleeful when this occurs. For one, the marketing ceases to have any effect. Additionally, people end up going to the competitor instead. Why patronize a business that is rife with controversy and negative reviews? The average consumer has no intention of doing so. As a result, an otherwise excellent and honest business owner ends up losing business.

Other problems that arise include the ruination of a brand and massive opportunity costs. A business cannot progress forward with a tarnished name. Nor can it do so when mired down in attempting to fix the disastrous situation that has enveloped the business.

Therein lies another error business owners are prone to make. They try to fix things on their own. Doing so is not wise. A lot of specialized knowledge and skill is required to fix the search engine results. This is why calling the Search Fixers is a better plan than attempting a misguided DIY job.

The Search Fixer specialize in improving search engine results and improving the perceptions deriving from the results. Better yet, the Search Fixers are able to deliver results rather quickly – something frazzled business owners will appreciate.

Venezuela’s President – Should He Stay or Should He Go?

If you’re in the hospital in Venezuela, you’re in serious trouble.
Dr. Elizabeth Ball, a teaching professor at University Hospital, Caracas, says that there are shortages of everything from anesthetic to printer paper, and many of the lights are out due to power cuts.

The hospital’s problems only mirror the greater crisis of just about everything in Venezuela. Workers are laid off, basic goods are in short supply, and power outages are the rule, not the exception. “Already scarce food is going bad in non-working refrigerators” says Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

There are two main reasons for this dire situation according to Gonzalez. Venezuela depends on oil revenue and oil prices have plummeted; also, the country is having a severe drought, putting too much pressure on its one hydroelectric plant.

A lot of the blame is being put on President Nicolas Maduro, the hand-picked successor of the late Hugo Chavez. Critics say the country should never have depended solely on the revenue from a volatile commodity like oil.

But Maduro has supporters and says he’s working on borrowing money from China. He also says he’s not ready to step down. According to Reuters, he told detractors, “You won’t get rid of me.”


Stephan Murray – CCMP Co-Founder

Stephan Murray was a professional business man who had many years of experience in financial institutions and investment companies. He spent most of his career as a private equity investor and philanthropist, which he enjoyed very much. He began the start of his career in 1984 after graduating college with his degree in economics. He attended Boston College, and soon went to work as an analyst in a trading program with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

He decided to continue on with his education and earned his Master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School in 1989 (you can read more: This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M). He then joined MH Equity Corporation in which was combined with Manufacturers Hanover and eventually, throughout the years, became CEO and co-founder of CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital was a private equity investment firm that specialized in buyout and growth equity transactions. CCMP Capital became the branch of many high end investment firms that were put together throughout the years. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

It was essentially a predecessor from JP Morgan Chase and became its own individual business in 2006. In 2007 he was named the CEO, where he oversaw the daily functions and financial activities of the company. Stephan sadly passed away in March of 2015 due to health related complications.

Stephen Murray resigned from the firm shortly before his passing for health reason, and sadly didn’t make it through the complications. He took much pride and joy in developing the company, and worked many long hours to make the company as successful as it is.

His positive contributions will be forever remembered and prospered for many years to come. He was responsible for helping to build the firm into a billion dollar firm and helped raise $3.6 billion last years alone in funds. His years of experience and dedication to the business will be forever remembered and all are very thankful that they got the chance to learn from someone with so many years of experience. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

He was 52 years old when he passed away. He took pleasure in many activities that helped out the community and was an active philanthropist. He supported the Make A Wish Foundation as well as the Boston Food Bank.

His years of success and achievements have set the future for many endeavors he supported and believed in. Read more: The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership