1. So wait what exactly expired if it wasn't the deal? The article doesn't really go into much details

  2. Sure. But Musk is acting like he won't pay. They can't make him pay. If he doesn't pay the deal fails and they try to recover the penalty money.

  3. "Musk has secured funding for the deal, which includes $33.5 billion through equity financing and $13 billion through loans against Twitter.

  4. He's since found other equity investors so he's got less of a loan against his Tesla shares. Based on the original financing, he would have had a margin loan call already since Tesla has dropped so much.

  5. by the end of the decade, Musk will have unraveled to the point of ruin that even his legion of fanboys will find someone new.

  6. I kind of admire what he’s done with SpaceX, and I do think that Tesla has pushed the UV market forward by probably a decade just by virtue of existing, but the man is a shit bag, Tesla is run like a long con, he’s a shit human, and anyone who has been following him for the last 10 years knows he’s a lying shit bag. Everyone else is just finally waking up.

  7. It’s kinda hilarious watching Elon Musk squirm on this one. Bro offered nearly twice what Twitters actual value is meaning unless they somehow say no after saying yes he’s gonna get hosed like Trump in a Russian hotel. They probably won’t accept his billion dollars as recompense. Not with an offer price that egregious, so much so that even though Twitters board like most people detests Elon Musk they offered little resistance in his quest to make Twitter into Gab 2.0 aka the Kingdom of Elon.

  8. Actually, it was Daimler Benz that saved Tesla. The Federal Loan would have arrived too late to save it from bankruptcy.

  9. Plenty of multi billionaire dollar companies refuse to do business with him because he’s such a sleaze bag and grifter, case in point, he manipulates the stock market by announcing Twitter deal only to renege on it a week later and use “bots” as his excuse. (In any billionaire dollar deal, the company value would be extensively reviewed before any public announcement) Then he tries to add fire to it by bringing up politics. I hope this sleaze bag loses sleep over this when the deal is forced and he has to pay billions.

  10. He shadow bought millions before he made his announcement. He likely shadow sold before he started dithering.

  11. You know, that might be exactly it, though. You probably know zero news anchors in real life too, but they still have a profound effect on the public consciousness. It doesn't matter so much who is on Twitter or if they represent the broader population the way they believe. It's still the hinge on which public discourse swings.

  12. People who don't bother reading the article or know what the waiting period was: its time that gives govt opportunity to object to the deal. Its an anti trust measure. Before this act, by the time the govt sued, the mergers moved along too much to be able to practically undo despite other anti trust measures. It means this barrier is removed.

  13. This is one of the stupidest things Elon has ever done. I’m a fan of his other ventures. Even the Boring. But overhauling Twitter with inferences to make lying acceptable? Humanity was there and it failed which presupposes Elon hasn’t a clue for history and how massive lying can even cause a whole culture to fail.

  14. They confirmed that their percentage was based on a sample size of 100 when they complained about Musk tossing out that number. People thought he was being stupid, because 100 is obviously a stupidly low sample size. Turns out that's the whole point.

  15. It's more complicated than that. What do you mean by bots? Anything that uses the API to tweet? In 2014 I made an Arduino tweet when my basement sump pump came on. That's a bot, but a human set up the account and I could intervene if there was an access issue. Tweetdeck and other tools like Hootsuite use the API to auto-tweet messages on multiple platforms, are they bots? If there's a place in Russia with a dozen people managing a few hundred accounts are they bots?

  16. It's not clear how they would 'prove' the bot percentage. Twitter came up with the mDAU measure, and they came up with the method to measure the false negatives (the 5% number, i.e. % bots that should not be included in mDAU but their algos said otherwise).

  17. Good job Elon, you drove the price ofTwitter price down As well as the price of your own stock, and you have come away empty-handed guess that’s what you call just being a prick

  18. Happened to me last week. I was actually kind of disappointed when they changed their mind yesterday and reinstated my account.

  19. I got banned from Twitter for calling Jeff Flake a coward and never looked back. Best decision I made that year.

  20. Why wouldn’t he back out? The company isn’t worth half his offer and the distraction is tanking Tesla stock as well. Pay the billion. Declare “victory” or say oops, and save money and face.

  21. Typical reddit - downvoting someone who wants transparency and making assumptions about someone's views on a person or entity.

  22. I give this deal a 30 percent chance of closing. Elon will Claim he was mislead by the company in terms of fake accounts and isn’t worth what he initially offered.

  23. More like he thought he could buy Twitter then realized once the markets started going down that he doesn't have the money. Now he's trying to weasel out of the deal.

  24. This sub cant keep Elons name out of their mouth. Everyday its another updated article about how there's no update. Move on until there's real news about the man.

  25. I feel the same way when tech sites talk about new phones. Tell me when there is some big leap but not when the battery/CPU is 1% better.

  26. The town square is one of the most important and valuable things in our existence. Isn’t this progressive world about inclusivity, no one should ever have the power to ostracize/ban another from society. Screw those corrupting the natural discourse with bots and paid propagandists.

  27. It’s not inclusive to allow someone to yell fire in a crowded theater and its not inclusive to let people spread lies and racist violence on a privately owned site.

  28. I'm surprised more people didnt care about the ammount of bots on that website or at least the ones they admitted to

  29. There have been bots on that site since its inception, it's nothing new. There's a bunch of 3rd party sites that show you how many bots each follower has.

  30. Now Musk can buy Reddit so we can get free speech back here again too. It would be nice to have the old Reddit back.

  31. Personally I’m just enjoying watching Mr Musk digging his hole deeper. His new Republican friends aren’t helping him I take it.

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