1. The whole Rust community owes Alice Rhyl money lol...she's answered gazillions of questions and is always spot on. I wish Alice and the Tokio team all the best.

  2. Almost all their comments are in the Weekly Questions thread, helping people. The remaining comments are in question posts. It’s people like this that make the community so amazing.

  3. Raise your hand if Alice has personally helped you with some tokio/rust problem 🀚

  4. Same for me on the user forum. It's just incredible to get an answer so fast when discovering the language. It's so welcoming.

  5. Never thought about paid opensource rust jobs but thank god. Alice deserves a paid rust job more than almost everyone (tied for first with a few other legends). if anything I am suprised this did not happen sooner.

  6. Same! You spent several hours helping me work through build errors on discord one time :) Really happy to see you're now being paid for some of that substantial time and effort you put into making a robust and inclusive ecosystem & community!! Congrats and thanks!!

  7. Really well deserved. I recently asked a question on the Tokio discord and Alice & Kestrer helped me out pretty much straight away, I fixed my Tokio problem and also learnt more about mutability in Rust. Congrats :)

  8. I asked one of the dumbest question when I was just starting with async. Got a comprensive answer in less that an hour :D

  9. Contratulations Alice! You make this community a better place. I've lost count of the times you've helped me in the forums. Thanks again!

  10. That's great to hear. I can't count the number of times she has helped me on discord. All the best to her!

  11. Congrats! She also helped me one time I was stuck when no one else was able to give me a concrete answer. Extremely competent.

  12. Awesome, and well-deserved! Whenever I jumped into Discord to ask about an issue I was having with Tokio, Alice was always there to help! Thank you so much.

  13. Congrats Alice! Anyone involved in Rust owes this person a huge debt of gratitude (and money), she personally answers damn near every question that gets asked and always has great advice! Not to mention all the code reviews on tokio.

  14. My all best congratulations Alice!!! Thank you for being a part of Rust community and help ppl, world needs more humans like you :)

  15. I'm happy to hear that: I don't know Alice Ryhl or any other member of the team but I really like the project (even if I'm really not able to make it easily work with my GTK project)

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