1. If my company instituted a hiring freeze, I'd leave, because that would mean that all the teams that are already struggling with previous departures would be left completely hopeless, leading to even more departures.

  2. I just started considering it "best effort" - as in I will do my best to meet your arbitrary deadlines but you chose the effort applied so you live with those consequences...

  3. At a lot of companies (in tech, in the Bay Area) hiring freezes don’t apply to attrition headcount, just new headcount requests.

  4. Besides, it's often a point where you should be worried about personnel reductions too. I'd rather go with a job than without one.

  5. I’ve been trying to hire a senior backend engineer for 4 months. I haven’t even interviewed a candidate yet.

  6. I've been a software developer of various sorts for over 20 years. I've been at my current company for 10 years. The only reason I'd leave is a buyout, IPO, or a job related to space travel or bioengineering.

  7. Out of curiosity, is it remote or local only? Do you look for people from other stacks who want to transition(general software engineers) or strictly in your tech stack?

  8. Hiring freeze in the 150k+ tier only. Everything below that is still hot as molten iron. Couple that with voluntary salary downgrades targeting better WLB and lower COL, and no wonder people are still leaving.

  9. It feels like these companies are doing a charity, train people then forget about them being already trained and having some experience, so they just leave before company even considers promoting them. I've seen this far too often, and as someone who spends time helping to introduce these new people to our work, it hurts every time that company won't do much about this.

  10. I was a temp for a government it department at one point and halfway through my term a hiring freeze was implemented. As my temp came to an end my manager lamented that he'd like to hire me, still had work for me to do, but couldn't hire or renew my contract because of the hiring freeze. Very frustrating

  11. Article's saying "tech leadership hasn't realized post-pandemic job market is different". Title is saying the consequence. Stop trying to make this about political partisanship. We're programmers, we are anti-BS, not anti-work.

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