1. Well people being able to see clickbait and avoid it was hurting them since 99% of youtube is clickbait. Can't have people stop engaging with a site that's mostly garbage when your wealth is dependent on people doing so.

  2. Recently i saw a scientific channel called Riddle, it posts many videos per day, quantity over quality, it took some time to notice it was fake

  3. It's not much but you can install the browser extension "return youtube dislike button", then you'll be able to see the dislikes again. But I doubt people are clicking "dislike" when they know it has no visible effect. Bad design decision for the sake of views and profits.

  4. I still click it. Does the extention still work? Thought it worked only for 2020 due to the API changes google implemented.

  5. What makes it even worse is that a dislike vote constitutes engagement and means a video is more likely to be recommended as a result. In short, now the only function of the dislike button is to boost a video you don't like.

  6. Obviously this extension will become obsolete very soon. Since very little people are clicking dislike buttons, there won't be much dislike data to paint the true picture.

  7. It's one of those things that makes huge financial sense (user doesn't click off the ad after immediately seeing the like/dislike ratio), but is terrible for the end user experience. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of competition for youtube at the moment.

  8. Sure it might make sense but also it might not and they may take it back. I stopped watching coding guides through youtube. I just don't feel secure to do it any more. Sure other ppl won't bother, but youtube lost me on this case.

  9. There never will be competition for YouTube. There isn't another company on earth that could actually host what they do.

  10. What kind of recourse could we have to point fingers at Youtube for actively supporting misinformation and fake news ? Because they are. Which is a weird stance to take nowadays.

  11. Ive just updated my Vanced to newest version and there's no dislikes. Are you talking about button or dislike count? Button was never removed, counts are

  12. Google hears ya, Google don't care. They just want you watching videos, as that allows them to make the most ad revenue. It makes no difference to them if the videos are useless to you.

  13. And then? Once people stop disliking the extension will become useless. Even now for the newer videos people don't dislike as much so you're not seeing the real picture.

  14. You are misunderstanding the purpose of YouTube. As long as you watch the advertisement, the purpose is achieved. And if you watch even more advertisement because you have to look at scam videos, that's even better, more money for Google 👍🏻

  15. The dislike button isn’t coming back, search results will continue their slide to the bottom of useful, and Google will continue to value numbers over people.

  16. Removing the dislike button is for your own safety. Can't have you disliking videos the billionaire establishment might not want you to dislike. Gotta keep their metrics up!

  17. Exactly, a great example is new GTA 6 trailers. People like it because they want a GTA trailer to come out but I need those dislikes to know whether it's BS

  18. I'm so tired of seeing "ThEY rEmoVEd thE diSLiKe ButTON" it's still there, it still works, you just can't see the number. Keep disliking harmful videos and they won't be recommended search options.

  19. This criticism is so odd to me. I understand why removing the dislike button hurts but this one reason, because people may be scammed, is odd. If you're gullible enough to fall for YouTube scams you probably don't give much credence to dislikes.

  20. They had to or you’d realize nobody supports the White House and “Medical establishment” lies. Too many 10:1 dislike:like videos were up so they changed it so nobody can see.

  21. Well. Now you have a reason to use the "Report" button and mark it as "Spam or misleading".

  22. I think Google just wanted to free itself from legal troubles. It is understandable it chose that over user experience.

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