1. The howl before an oncoming horde from either being AFK, pressing a button, or hitting a car always got my adrenaline going

  2. I miss those games so much. The feeling when you realise that the witch you can hear is unavoidable and one of you is gonna have to be the one to wake it up.

  3. Adding on the witch. That moment when you first hear some light sobbing amidst all of the chaos always sent a chill down my spine

  4. For me it’s coming around a corner and hearing the snorts and grunts from the tank before it agros cause you sit there like “well I’m fucked either way so guess I better find out where he’s hiding.

  5. Being a teen and playing that game with my closest friends is some of the fondest memories i have. Screaming "IM RELOADING" at each other and then bursting out laughing while trying not to die. *Sigh*

  6. Tanks were so easy to deal with in L4D2; I always kept a Boomer Bile canister with me for just such an occasion. Paint the Tank with zombie guts, and let the horde do the work for you.

  7. 2 top comments are from the Fallout series which is interesting. Not that I disagree cazadors are freaking terrifying

  8. See if you had the OWB dlc it was a joke after. I could get stung by the entire horde of them north of the start after the DLC and they did nothing.

  9. Nothing like fending off a swarm only to find out you have no anti-venom. Then you get the fun decision of do I die or is it worth dumping a dozen stimpacks in me to fend off the poison.

  10. Why were they so fucking strong for no reason tho. It’s been a decade and I still vividly remember pulling up to the wrong neighborhood and getting decimated

  11. Its so much fun. Though If you do play it, the safest spot to mine materials is the back end of the aurora ship. Lots of good stuff there.

  12. While I never had diagnosed fear of the deep or anything, it always made me very uneasy. And I can tell you, even though Subnautica was very spooky at times, it was genuinely one of the best experiences I've had playing games, so if it's on sale and you ever feel like facing your demons, it's just amazing.

  13. That's a pity, Subnautica is one of my all time favourite games, and I've been playing computer games since the early 1980's!

  14. There’s this game called Inside, and in one part of the game you have to swim/submarine your way through some derelict underwater sewer thing. There’s this mutant girl creature thing with eerily white skin and long scraggly hair, and she tries to capture you every time you go in the water. Also it’s super dark and the only way to stop her is to point your submarines light at her. It’s so fucking scary lol.

  15. It was the shark of Treasure Trove Cove in Banjo-Kazooie that began my irrational fear of bodies of water in video games.

  16. Fast. And i cant stress this enough. You need to attack them from behind. So you need to wait for them to turn their back to you. Then run to them, pray you dont messed up the distannce you need to traverse and pray you kill them with one combo, so they dont turn around. I did it with the big sword which looked like a gravestone(?)...been a while...

  17. Perfectly time a parry on them so that your frenzy bar tips over while you're in the visceral attack animation and you won't take damage from it and usually kill it depending on how low it is. Luckily they don't have a whole lot of health.

  18. A bit DLC and build gated, but Simon's Bowblade is my favorite way to deal with them. Leveled up it makes mincemeat out of them, and you never have to go within harm's reach of them.

  19. Yup. Even Minecraft spiders send me running. I hate games with spiders. The smaller the scarier too. The original resident evil had a room with 2 large spiders, and when you killed them, they let out a bunch of baby spiders. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

  20. I legit stopped playing for the night, after hiding in a locker and seeing it up close. A genuine "put the controller down" moment.

  21. Every new playthrough, every single one, that baby still gets me clenching like I'm holding in the worst farts at my mother's funeral. Capcom really sells that horror element too a T.

  22. Legit. I do have to say though that I normally would hate enemies like that but the Resi 2 Remake I love so damn much and Mr. X just really adds to it. So good.

  23. I remember completing a puzzle, running partway back down the hallway and he just bursts his way through the wall. I didn't even completely realise what happened, I saw leather and heard a music sting and I was running

  24. Yes, exactly! Whoever decided to introduce fast running mini zombies that don't burn up in sunlight and have the same amount of HP clearly wanted to see the world go down in flames!

  25. First time in that bit of the haligtree, just did a blind "scouting" run as i'd already died multiple times and had no coins to lose by that point, that wound up with me in a dead end with the last one of those fucking things with nowhere to go.

  26. Headcrabs in Half-Life 2 in the "We don't go to Ravenholm" section. They were around every corner and would almost insta-kill you. It also didn't help that playing that game gave me motion sickness so I could only play it for an hour at a time.

  27. Volatiles, man. Especially in the DLC with the buggy. Runners can get you pumped up but when a volatile spots you you gotta decide quick.

  28. Deathclaws in New Vegas. Especially when I hear the footsteps of one charging at me when I didn't know it was there.

  29. Outlast... the whole thing... I play so many horror games but any game that has you defenseless and having to run away, making snap decisions as your being chased and then hide really gets me blood going

  30. I don't know how I even finished the first one. The second one I gave up early on. I am just not meant to deal with that much anxiety lol.

  31. Dead hand is the name of the boss of the bottom of the well (and miniboss in the shadow temple). The hands that you're talking about in the forest temple that fall down and grab you are wallmasters (and the ones that don't fall but split into 3 when you kill them are floormasters)

  32. Walking alone you encounter a hooded woman in the ruins of an old building.... nobody else around. Just you and "her"...

  33. Its in multiple games, but any enemy that keeps regenerating stresses me out like nothing else. Like if you gotta knock them down and then close a door or something. The one in the original Dead-Space particularly.

  34. Special thanks go to Blackflame Friede, Slave Knight Gael, Orphan of Kos and Great Shinobi Owl too.

  35. I forget the name of it or her. But from the evil within, the multilegged beast that comes up from the pools of blood made me run away. Lol.

  36. The only time that I completely run out of ammo and had to quit in hundreds of games was when you get jumped by a ton of them in like a gym or something. Fuck them

  37. I've been playing Generation Zero recently and the sounds of a distant Tank Class robot in the distance is pure terror.

  38. Back when subnautica was new the reaper leviatan made me feel fear id never felt before. Pure terror and feeling of having to get the fuck out of the water. Sadly once you understand its behaviour it becomes just a lil fella that you can stab to death with a toothpick.

  39. These were fine but the Giant Ants? Now those can fuck right off, keeping fucking off until they get back here, and then fuck off again. I don’t have an insect phobia, but looking at those things threatened to give me one!!

  40. Regenerators from resident evil 4. I don't care that I have finished the game over 30 times. If you play that sound for me my stomach drops and my heart races.

  41. Those stormhawk things in stormveil castle, elden ring. Good God if you don't have a weapon with reach... good luck

  42. Elden Ring is SO funny. One of the worst early-game enemies is birds with swords taped to their legs ... then you get to Stormveil Castle and find birds with swords taped to their legs that are also carrying exploding barrels. It's stupid, I love it

  43. This right fricking here. That game scares me like no other. I literally have screamed while playing that.

  44. How did I have to scroll for 5 minutes to find this? The sound of it chasing and gaining on you (especially with headphones on) sparks some kind of primal fear that I have never experienced in any other game. In fact, the only time I have felt that genuinely terrified before in my life was when I got chased by a huge dog while walking home at night when I was like 9 years old. I was never able to finish the game once the alien showed up. Fuck that feeling.

  45. Primal aspids, from hollow knight. Even after finishing everything the game has to offer, you still fear that stupid shotgun things

  46. Fucking insane how they can instantly explode out of thr ground from behind you after getting shot from 500 yards away. Surprised mole rats and blood bugs have more votes in this thread, Radscorpions are so so so much worse.

  47. I had legit fear of the big headed dog and the toothy crow in Elden Ring. They killed me constantly and thats about where my first attempt at it ended. My second go at it is when I realized they weren't that bad to fight I was just panicking when they came at me.

  48. Regenerators from RE4. They're not even hard to kill, they're just really fucking unsettling. Dreading finding out what the remake does with them.

  49. Bloodbugs in Fallout 4. All the fucking spindly legs, and the animation where they stick you with their proboscis. I can’t deal with it

  50. Silent Hill 4's Twin Victim. Made me stop playing the game altogether. Same thing with Resident Evil 4's Regeneradores.

  51. I’d have to say the reaper leviathan from subnautica. The first time I encountered that thing, I had 0 knowledge of its existence, and I merely heard a roar, then saw its shadow on the sand, at which point I was grabbed by it and may have shat myself when it happened.

  52. Cyber demons in the original Doom games. The menacing Kachunk of them walking around still gets me, but it got me really bad as a kid. I love those games.

  53. Those revenants like the picture. I’ve played Elden Ring for something like 190 hours between my two characters, and I only COMPETENTLY defeated one for the first time maybe last week

  54. Volatiles in dying light 1. I have 200 hours in that game and can fight them easily, but the initial roar of a chase starting is the kind of thing that sends the lizard brain into jibbering fits of terror. The boosted sound of their footsteps behind you also freaks me the fuck out.

  55. Sharks in sea of thieves have gotten me a few times. Especially when you look around and don't see any until the last minute.

  56. Bloodsuckers from Stalker, damn invisible bastards and it doesnt help that you face your first one in a damn underground abandoned lab.

  57. A fucking random note at the final second of the song after you complete a long spinner and the music dies down…

  58. Man I hated those things, I once found a ledge only barely big enough for myself to snipe it from and it still teleported on top of me.

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