1. Bought my mom a brand new really nice extension cord for mother's day. Went out to trim some stuff next day with her hedge trimmer and the nice new cord. Last 2 minutes. For this very reason.

  2. me too and my dad aswell. we bought one with a battery now. waaaaay better and cheaper in the long run

  3. I've done this too before, but to a hedge trimmer I was borrowing...from my boss at the time! Worried that I would get laughed at incessantly by said boss and whether he could tell I got him new one, I just rewired the power cord back into the trimmer, all be it maybe a foot shorter. The boss never noticed, even though it was a massive pain to put the trimmer back together after though.

  4. Came very close to it myself several times. Anyone judging is an asshole, because it's super easy to get the cable in the way.

  5. I did a quick browse of the OP's profile to check if they are a native English speaker, and it appears that they are from India. I imagine hedge trimmer would be much more difficult to find a translation for than chainsaw.

  6. She did not understood as well. She says after she made the cut: "Mom, it stopped working again" (She speaks in Hebrew)

  7. Doesn’t change the fact that she cut the cord of the hedge trimmers with said device. No matter what device you’re using or what gender you are, that’s just stupid

  8. definitely. i work in with hedge trimmers on battery. battery is in a shoulder holster connected with a cable to the hedge trimmer. once i was working in a small space (between hedge and giraffe enclosure fence) and cut the cord. no big problem, just replace the cord in the workshop

  9. Everyone talking about the title, I think OP is trying to make a joke about the manga/anime Chainsaw Man. They still used women instead of woman, but other than that it makes sense, and it's not that much of a stretch I don't think

  10. Why film in the first place if not staged Why use the cheapest indoor extension cord outside This is just like the house flipping shows with home girl using an electric chainsaw with a 2 stroke sound effect

  11. I’ve done it many times. Started with a 100 foot extension chord that is now about 50 feet after chopping it up so many times.

  12. From an electrical safety standpoint, the handle is insulated and it is 110v power. She is fine. This exact thing is not terribly uncommon.

  13. I mean I’m all for the ☕️ moment, but this just looks like someone trying their damn best at something possible new that they’ve never done before

  14. I did something similar with my hedge clippers a few weeks ago standing on a 6ft ladder. Didn't cut the cord clear in half,.just nicked it. A few wire nuts and some electrical tape later I was back to trimming.

  15. This happens to everyone at least once, so not facepalm. Better give her credits for trying and not depending on someone else to do it for her.

  16. That is not a chainsaw, it's a hedge clipper. That is only one woman, not more. also, most people do that, at some point in their lives.

  17. Lol my dad was trimming the hedge about a year ago and he had a green cord, he is also colorblind so he didnt see the cord hanging in the bushes. And then bloob cord gone.

  18. For gods sake put a tarp under the hedges and bushes you trim so the cleanup is easy, fast, doesn't cause any headache and leaves minimal debris behind. I am partial to gas powered equipment.

  19. I’ve done that two out of three times I’ve ever mowed the lawn. I’m not allowed to mow the lawn anymore. Some think I’m a boob and some think I’m a genius. 😈

  20. I did this exact thing, but to make it worse, I hadn't actually cut any of the bush, yet. Just pulled the trigger to figure out the safety catch, and before I had even let go, sparks had flown, and my cord lay on the ground.

  21. Bought a brand new south wire 100 foot extension cord and my fiance did this 2 days after I purchased it.

  22. So that's why electric trimmers have a short cord! If you cut the one on the cutter you're fucked, but you can always replace an extension cord.

  23. "אמא עוד פעם לא עובד" אני יודע שבאתם לחפש פה את זה (אני גר בתוך הקירות שלכם)

  24. למה היא מתלוננת לאמא שלה שזה לא עובד? ועוד היא אומרת שזה עוד פעם לא עובד, יעני כאילו זה כבר נכשל לפחות פעם אחת

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