1. Hawaii has a long standing law that prohibits billboards and large advertisements on buildings, structures, etc. It's glorious! You're not bombarded with huge advertisements on the side of buildings--instead you have beautiful murals painted on the side of them. Then when I travel to the US mainland, it's sensory overload because there's billboards and huge ads everywhere. Lol.

  2. It is florida, the law will be to prevent you from complaining about it and also to make it harder for black people to vote.

  3. It's one thing to finance something you provide for free with advertising - it's quite another to use advertising to destroy a free experience you didn't provide by monetizing it.

  4. This is so infuriating I would go out of my way to avoid whatever is being advertised. I'm sure many others feel the same.

  5. This has been a thing since as long as I can remember, just with planes instead of boats. This is much uglier than the airplanes imo tho

  6. It's not bad, kinda cool seeing a massive TV screen floating on blue water like that.. they're not allowed to just go back and forth constantly. You see it once ever hour or so at the most. I'm guessing that's South Miami Beach.

  7. It's funny how in so many futuristic cities made in games and movies there's just a shitload of ads everywhere.. it's like that is actually coming true in real life.

  8. Or go out for a nature walk to see animals genetically modified to have advertisements on them (an idea proposed by a businessman in one of Michael Crichtons books)

  9. Or go out for a nature walk to see animals genetically modified to have advertisements on them (an idea proposed by a businessman in one of Michael Crichtons books). Companies would compete to make the most aggressively invasive species they could to dominate marketing in nature.

  10. It’s up to the individual to go electric and purchase an EV. Yet that thing just cruises back and forth drinking diesel and polluting more than 100 cars would in an hour. Corpo’s man. Lol


  12. I understand the point of ads is spread awareness about the products existence and get new customers but when you shove your ads in peoples faces all day - ads for things people KNOW exist. Like Wendy’s or Google all that does is make me super resentful of that company and product . I’ll go somewhere else from pure spite I don’t even care.

  13. Surely that’s too close to shore and some kind of hazard? Also what companies would be okay putting their advertising in something like this?

  14. I think that this is exactly how far away it should be. I could probably swim out that far. I could break it. It’d be worth it. So worth it.

  15. I saw this same boat cruising by last month and thought the same thing. Now I’m not a rabid anti capitalist… but this is a bit much.

  16. can you guys enlighten me on what happens when salt water comes in contact with LED panels, not that I'm encouraging any form of vandalism, just wondering what would happen if you guys know what I mean

  17. I’ve got scuba gear, a speargun, and a 12 gauge powerhead that would take care of that problem. In and out without a sight.

  18. And I can’t even enjoy reddit due to the same content being posted over and over again; just like that floating add.

  19. I live by the beach in Florida and I’ll tell you the billboards are way less annoying than people who blast their shitty music at the beach.

  20. They've had this thing floating in Ocean City for like ten years. They've been flying planes with banners all my life.

  21. Disgusting. I’m in NJ and they fly the banners by up and down the beach all summer long. ANYONE who advertises that way I purposely wouldn’t EVER spend my money there.

  22. Uggg…. We have these near where I live. It’s absolutely disgusting. Completely ruins the experience. The planes flying the banners have always been a thing, and while I don’t appreciate them, they aren’t nearly as intrusive as these things. A few months back one of them sank at its dock. It made me smile.

  23. Florida does his but instead of boats on the water it’s planes. A bit better since you can never even read the ad anyways

  24. I really think we need to do something to reduce advertising. There are waaaaaay too many ads on everything now. Hell if you buy a Japanese dirt bike many of them are covered in product ads.

  25. Looks within rock throwing range. Dumb mob mentality could be something useful to exploit sometimes.

  26. One of my favorite things to do is just chill with a nice joint at the beach and watch the waves come and go for hours. This pisses me off, can’t even escape ads anymore.

  27. The Jersey Shore has both boat based ads like one shown here plus plane after plane flying by in a loop dragging a banner with more ads.

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