1. Pretty sure this is trolling. I feel like if someone successfully sued their parents for 60k/yr in financial support it would be widely reported on, that’s like clickbait gold

  2. There was an Indian guy that sued his parents for the same thing a while back or something similarly ridiculous. It was in the news here in Canada.

  3. Wait a minute wait a minute forget about all the job part…. Did she really said “I took my parents to court for having me without my permission “ and she actually won …what

  4. I don't know if this is a troll video or not but my gf used to live with a girl who shared this mentality. That housemate blamed her parents for having her when they did because they were "too old" (late 30s).

  5. That’s what I was thinking too. You went to court because you don’t want to be alive, well there are solutions to that problem.

  6. Christopher Titus: I say a twenty-two year window 'cause you wanna make sure the kid can handle his alcohol. You know, he's a great kid 'till his 21st birthday, gets drunk, punches Grandma and everyone's like "Ohhhh! Adam! You were this close! We are gonna miss you!"

  7. I think she is just past the gestational age to be able to abort in most states. Physically that is. Her mental age is something altogether different.

  8. or a case to sue states that force births. mom didn’t want a baby, kid didn’t want to be born and deal with bullshit, the state should take responsibility.

  9. Sounds like they did support their child and now they’ve got an entitled adult on their hands that’s a whiney loser

  10. Then you hire a few people to work under you giving BJs. They pay you a percentage of every blowie. They can then also recruit others and do the same. Eventually you don't even have to blow anyone anymore. Everybody wins!

  11. I feel like if this were real, we'd have heard some sensational headlines about it beyond this stupid video. People will say anything even if it makes them look like a piece of shit just for a little exposure.

  12. it's only normal if you dont have enough money to retire. thousands of wealthy families find it 'normal' to never work since they have generational wealth

  13. There's no way she isn't trolling. No court would rule in her favor. And on top of that, where does she live that she NEEDS 5k a month? California?

  14. Can't afford your bills on what you are making? Adjust your lifestyle and live within your means. This video is probably click bait and trolling, but my point works for everyone.

  15. She’s trolling. She’s in TikTok pretending to be the daughter of someone rich and famous and then flashing something outrageous.

  16. It’s just wild how people in the same countries and cities can live lives vastly different from one another. Most people I know who net $5000 a month earn it through hard work in a long standing career, and likely after having completed a degree. They’re paying mortgages, saving for retirement and taking care of their own children and families. And she sees this sum as basic living income - to which she is entitled to.

  17. I can smell the troll. Also, it's a proven fact that her parents can support kids (raised her until 18) but supporting adults are totally optional.

  18. 5k for BASIC living expenses? If you start out your adult life with that kind of attitude you might as well give up on living in this world or did I miss on some kind of hack?

  19. Excuse me?! She sued her parents for having her "without her permission"???!!how did she think they would have gained her permission before conception?during conception omg obviously she never received higher education she is so effing stupid it makes my brain hurt!!

  20. Depending on her age, her last statement is the only thing she said that could possibly, reasonably be considered to be a fair point: Don’t have kids if you cannot financially support them.

  21. The real facepalm is the people who heard her say she "sued her parents for having her without her permission and won" and still didnt realize this is a joke.

  22. Remember to consult your children before having them, so they can choose to consent to being had 🤔. I think you’ve been had.

  23. How am I supposed to pay my bills?? Well, You can try being homeless it's a good way minimise your expenses and bills. Just a professional courtesy.

  24. I can no longer tell when people from the younger generations are being serious or just trolling, and that’s sad.

  25. 100% troll. She sued them for conceiving her without her permission and won. No rational person, let alone a Judge is gonna take that seriously

  26. Sounds like everyone, from the entitled child, to her parents, to the lawyer, and judge, all need to spend one month living in minimum wage, and then be fucking thankful for what they have. Some of us have to struggle just to pay for the bare necessities, on far less than 5k a month. Trolling or not, this isn't funny.

  27. Get 2 jobs..This may be trolling but there’s plenty of people like this. I know a family that has 4 kids living at home all over 25, they won’t move out because they won’t have enough money to Live the lifestyle they want.

  28. In what state (Assuming US) can you sue your parents for having you without your permission and WIN in the first place?? I am confusion.

  29. Apparently you can in the UK. While trying to confirm this, I found a case where a showjumper named Evie Toombes successfully sued her parents for several million pounds for being born. That one, however, centered around her parents ignoring doctors instructions, resulting in her being born with spina bifida, which apparently has resulted in extensive ongoing treatments, and the money is based on a lifetime of treatment.

  30. I genuinely wonder if this woman is suicidal. I felt this EXACT same way when I suffered from clinical depression and suicidal ideation.

  31. Just know, even if the odds of someone like this existing are one in a billion. That would mean at least 7-8 of those people on earth. If there’s a god, he’s on holidays rn

  32. Look love, there is a charitable team of young men who help people like you… it’s pretty easy, you show up, they do an interview on a couch where they talk about your immediate future, you then meet one, two or more people round your age or older and you know, they set you up with some really really good media creators… depending on your interest it can be very lucrative.

  33. When I was a lazy teenager I thought the same thing. Once I actually did something and started settling into something affordable they became more than generous with a few dollars here and there. If my parents knew they'd need to give me 5000 a month I would have been a blood stain on a coat hanger.

  34. I’m in love with this sack of putrefying shit. everything about her makes me horny. her self entitled indulgence makes me sploodge like Trump at a maga rally

  35. Woman, you are not a "children" anymore - their supporting you is COMPLETED. Maybe you should have been paying attention in school & you wouldn't have to go to court to find out what adulthood consists of & that higher education was your responsibility.

  36. If we just taxed the top 1% 50% of their net worth, then none of us would have to work! Let's get behind her on this, it's a win/win!

  37. Obviously her ignorance is astounding, but this is something I have been thinking about. Why is it okay to have a kid and plan to kick them out when they are 18. Like if someone bought a puppy and 2 1/2 years later kicked the dog out on the street we’d be pretty mad at the adults for mistreating the dog.

  38. It's not logical or okay. But somehow we humans still end up forcing our stupid ideas on ourselves and each other. Like "by the age of X you supposed to be married" or "in your age I already had two kids, my own house and third kid on a way". And that's how we get bunch of people who get married or get kids because "we're supposed to do this" but in reality they're in no way prepared to do more than bare minimum instead of preparing and doing things on their own pace, considering feelings and needs of their partners too.

  39. We are a family of five in a HCOL area and our "basic expenses" aren't $5k a month. Me thinks she doesn't know this difference between want and need.

  40. So did she expect them to take care of her the rest of her life??? This is what I’m saying parents aren’t teaching there kids anything these days like responsibility or hard work

  41. The only support I've ever wanted from my parents was to help pay for my education and they didn't cause they couldn't afford it. I've lived in their house enduring their BS but not once did I ask or expect to be paid on top of that. I do think the parents have some blame for having a girl like this.

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