1. Yes, these rich privileged attractive morons have something to feel important about even though they are completely off base, but they finally feel like they are taking a real stand ya know? Out here in… the luxury stores.

  2. Idiot who uses TikTok for news assuming every teddy bear is CP themed, because of a balenciaga advert retraction.

  3. Little did she know she’d go viral for being a fucking idiot. Though let’s be honest, like that would matter, right?

  4. This is completely fair idc. I saw one post claiming that frozen 2 was “grooming” bc Olaf sang a song about trying to be happy when he’s scared (the “grooming” here is that it’s teaching kids to not listen to their instincts and follow predators. I shit you not this is how they think)

  5. Yeah she’s being legitimately irrational. A rational person wouldn’t connect this to any kind of Child Porn in any way. And TBH when things like this happen, it does damage at times because it becomes a “boy who cried wolf” situation. Rational people with an agenda then go ‘on this is just another person reaching to compare something innocent to something nefarious’ when there is an actual connection.

  6. That and she’s shopping at coach. I don’t think it’s possible to be into that kind of thing without being insanely out of touch. Notice she says it’s possible to wear clothes that aren’t from insane designer place. Yeah no shit lady, there’s tons of handbags out there that aren’t $20k.

  7. Hate clicks are still clicks. People pretend to get outraged by the dumbest shit just to get people to attack them. Algorithm sees it as engagement and promotes it.

  8. Yeah just saw. When you’re wrong and look stupid it’s easier to make fun of yourself or go and admit you’re wrong. Deleting shit and acting like it never happened is the weakest

  9. “I’m so uncomfortable right now”… then exit the store you dumb fuck. I have people like this. Look at me! Look at me!!

  10. “OMG! I’m offended by something I’ve created in my mind so everyone else should be too” … I’m over this as a theme in society.

  11. Yeah unfortunately dude as long as the internet keeps giving everyone a voice so they think there heard then we are going to keep seeing it

  12. I mean, if you go to her TikTok profile you’ll find out she’s an Iranian totalitarian regime sympathizer. Straight up degenerate lol.

  13. Which is odd, every Iranian I have met has been quite against the current Iranian government and is often the reason why they left Iran and came to Australia.

  14. She is also a pro Iranian govt, there’s another video she did shaming “cousins in iran” for not wanting to be forced to wear a hijab, so fuck whatever she has to say…

  15. Nothing better than being against child pornography and also thinking a woman's hair is too sexual to be shown in public or else God will punish you for basically being a sex worker. Hair?! How can a man resist?!?

  16. Is she American? That sounds like an American thing to do. Like she’s wearing a hijab to try to embrace a culture she wasn’t born into then speaking on her grandparents’ home country like she got a special understanding that’s deeper than the people’s of the country just cuz she got family over there.

  17. So since she's appearantly into shaming others religious choices I'm wondering: is it OK for her to be swearing? I genuinely don't know but I thought it wouldn't be

  18. I mean just watch the video. The whole thing is 1:42 long and she spends roughly 8 seconds showing the thing she’s outraged about and the rest of it is literally a close up of her face. It’s not about the dolls at all, it’s about her.

  19. What’s wrong with the stuffed animals? I think they are pretty cute, a little goth like but nothing wrong with that. If she reacts this way to that girl would have an absolute coronary if she saw a living dead doll.

  20. She's making a (very reaching) comparison to some BDSM themed teddy bears balencia put out (and then had children pose with them). What Balencia did was wrong, but Coach isn't even doing something remotely similar.

  21. It’s so bad when people say “I’m literally shaking” “I’m so uncomfortable” “I’m tearing up” and they pretend they’re in shock. So cringeworthy to see on social media. And it’s a lot.

  22. Woman, your prophet married a 9 year old and you talk about teddy bears promoting CP... Muslims who live in western countries are something else dude...

  23. She's pro Iranian government and thinks the protests are bullshit. Surprise surpise, she doesn't actually live there.

  24. This, this is the type of people who has ruined the internet and made alot of us dumber that a pile of bricks and thats insulting to the bricks

  25. Just looked at her ticktock account and she deleted the video after being roasted in the comments 🤣 looks like she did it for attention

  26. A reminder to everyone out there. Attractive people can be fucking stupid too. She has a very attractive face, but she has a shit for brains.

  27. I have largely "boycotted" Coach for about twenty years -- mostly because they stopped being Coach. Classy to trashy one-eighty. The stores went from walnut and brass to bauhaus. And then they trashed their own brand by copying Gucci and L.V. Everything that made Coach distinctive and desirable, flushed.

  28. Ngl, her ending comments about not supporting luxury brands is right on point. You can use natural fibers and wool to make quality clothing and accessories.

  29. I honestly don’t know why people pay for these expensive brands that make ugly looking products. Like I guess you’re trendy cause you got a name brand? Sheesh. Boycott all the brands and make them equal lol 😂

  30. Another ticktoker gave some context. Balencia did a campaign of BDSM themed teddy bears with children posing with them. It was in very poor taste.

  31. She was like "am I the only one who is seeing this"... and I gave it a fair minute and yeah I think she might be the only one.

  32. If you see something like that and automatically think it's CP, there is something really messed up with your mind. What a sick person. It's a reflection of how she thinks. Like how certain politicians go to is to accuse their rivals of indecent child things because they, themselves are demented. Is she a politician?

  33. This is what happens when you view the entire world through the eyes of an agenda. You see it in places where it doesn’t exist and you sound insane.

  34. Who in their right mind sees a stuffed bear and thinks child porn? If thats what you see.. then you're a bit fucked up in the head

  35. This lady is a vapid moron that consumes outrage content without comprehending any of it. She's a brainwashed idiot that reads a magazine for beauty advertisements instead of its actual articles and content.

  36. I hate this crap when people vid themselves and try to look hot the entire time by moving eyes side to side and posing while attempting to say anything meaningful.

  37. Not a fan of the theme these stuffed animals portray but definitely don’t see any CP. But… she is “gutted” yet doesn’t have an upset expression?? No quivering voice, no tears, nothing but faux devastation from this privileged person (privileged as in shopping for Coach, Gucci, etc.)

  38. This is like a comedian who has never seen a doorknob doing 5 minutes about “those weird metal blobs on doors” and imagining the audience is laughing instead of the silence that would hang in the air like a lady fart powered by Gruyère

  39. Rich, pretend-to-be-Becky woman enters a Disney store with antiquated, ignorant ideals is the right title for this one.

  40. If she thinks that’s bad, I’ve seen places where they sell teddy bears that are completely naked!

  41. Seems to me all these people, including Walsh, Sorbo, etc - they are obsessed with young children in a VERY unhealthy way.

  42. Hear me out, and this is just a theory, this woman is more concerned with her own clout, and getting her meticulously made up face all over the internet, than she is with perceived CP.

  43. Every accusation is an admission. It has so far held true for one group, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true here.

  44. It hurts to listen to her. This isn't about CP, it's about her and her narcissistic need to post videos featuring...her, hence the amount of editing to post her nonsense.

  45. This kind of shit annoys the hell out of me. There is so many awful things happening across the world without inventing this kind of shite. The fact that she sees CP/BDSM says more about her. Why not try calling out some actual important issues instead of creating them?

  46. What the actual f is wrong with this lunatics lol its not even slightly close like the balenciago thing and even that insanity is not so clear cut just shoeonhead and her fans thinking that shes an actual pedo hunter and not bothering to do any genuine research lol

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