1. Best thing to do is open the YouTube app. Search ‘etrade baby Super Bowl’ dislike the video and start to watch it. Watch it for 50% of the video. Then exit the app. . This is the worst thing you can do on the YouTube algorithm. YouTube hates it when your video caused a user to close the app

  2. I use E*trade and now I’m very uncomfortable especially after the last news I heard about Morgan Stanley

  3. Okay so I watched it. Well it seems like they're desperate and have no clue what to do with dumb money. Only 357 likes seems quite low for a Super Bowl commercial. Dislikes no counter 🤣

  4. Lol. YouTube thought removing the dislike counter would hide negative feedback from big corporations. Nope. Shit like this still makes it obvious.

  5. There are several plugins that you can install in your browser to see the dislikes again. Just google for it. Hope this helps in the future.

  6. Yeah it’s bs people all need to boycott you tube until the bring the dislike count back. What are we preschoolers can’t hurt anyones feelings wtf?

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