1. !thanks I figured the Nov -> Nov timeframe was also particularly bad. Feels good to be reassured.

  2. It doesn’t matter whether it’s low or high. If the right thing to do is to change asset allocation it should be done.

  3. Unless investing in something equally low that has the potential for a higher 'bounce back', which OP is hopeful for.

  4. Unless moms totally desperate for money I wouldn’t bother touching it, don’t go chasing money as that never tends to work, just be patient.

  5. ironically i tried the stocks and shares one from halifax a few years ago, i also lost money in the first year and just took it out. Never did it again anywhere, just standard cash isas.

  6. So you are waiting for the stocks / bonds to become more expensive before you start buying again? That certainly seems like the opposite of good financial advice, my friend.

  7. We're in an economic down turn. Everything is going down. It will eventually go back up. I wouldn't move it unless I was definitely sure it was being put somewhere more profitable.

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