1. I'd like to enter, but I only gots 13 karma hahaha either way, incredibly generous of you to share your gear with other fans.

  2. It would be cool to win. This was my first and only tool show and it was three days before my birthday as well.

  3. Awesome that you're giving this poster away. My girlfriend and I couldn't get tickets to the Spokane show about a week before. Coincidentally, the date on the poster is also her 30th birthday.

  4. You’re a good man Charlie Brown. That would look awesome on my wall. Unfortunately, I didn’t even try to get a poster this last go around with all the hoopla going on. Good on you for making someone’s day.

  5. This is very awesome on all levels (and the design of the poster is amazing too), thank you for your generosity!

  6. Your kindness is a joy to witness and you're a great example of our wonderful community. I've been OGT for many, many years and see them as much more than a "favorite band". They are a soundtrack to life and an expression of identity. While their music can certainly be enjoyed by numbskulls it is in truth intellectual music of the highest taste. I live in a part of the country where I've never been remotely close to a venue hosting Tool and probably never will. A genuine poster that has been would be a real treasure to me!

  7. This would be awesome to win. I’d be love to hang it in my husbands music room. He started playing the drums again after we saw them this year.

  8. My favorite poster of the bunch But, I’m short on karma :-( Maybe it’s because I still use emoticons ;-)

  9. Wow that’s generous of you! Unfortunately I’m just learning my way around Reddit. I’ve had it for several years but never used it much. I’m way short on Karma

  10. This show is on my birthday. Flew out from San Diego to see this show with my Utah friends that introduced me to Tool back in 2004. Concert got cancelled the day or two before the show. Super bummed, but was with my friends and family before the total shut down, so that was a good birthday gift. March 16 2020 was the worst birthday(panic attack about Covid) and still a really good one because of my friends.

  11. I was at the show were this was sold but was not able to get my hands on one. Thanks for the opportunity to win a poster!

  12. The show in 2020 that got cancelled 5 days before was the Utah show, I had tickets ready to go and then bam, Covid has infected everything.

  13. Wanted this but of course there had people buying as many as they could. Glad I could see Tool though. Only took me almost 30 years lol

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