1. Not too bad if you're there early, lots of Americans over who are doing the whole European tour for the merch. It was £55 for unsigned and £250 for a signed. All venues had different opening times and if there's any outdoor merch stands get there for around 2pm.

  2. Signed posters didn't arrive until later andddd there's plenty of time to get the unsigned as the scalpers love the signed. Enjoy the show

  3. In Paris they had an outside stand for merch that opened early. 380 out of the 650 posters were sold there, I arrived at 5pm and the 380 were gone, and probably for hours ago already.

  4. If you just want a poster or a shirt or similar unsigned you'll have no problem. London merch stands were quick and peaceful.

  5. Do they provide any tubes for the posters? If not, then how do I preserve it? Also how early do I need to be there to score a poster?

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