1. My dad told me the tickets were really fucking expensive - was this true? Cause if so man we missed out on a cool experience

  2. I'm coming to Copenhagen from Finland! Btw, I might have one extra ticket (section 117, row 12) due to very likely cancellation if anyone's interested buying. Let you know later..

  3. My best mate is a huge Tool fan so I bought him tickets for us to see them in Ireland, properly started listening to the band over the past 2 month to get in the mood and I'm fucking loving what I've been hearing and I can't wait now til next month 👌🏻

  4. I've got my friend there tonight and me there tomorrow and we were wondering who'd get a hooker with a penis and who'd get some ticks and leeches.

  5. Man. I never thought I'd see The Grudge, The Patient hooker with penis and Pushit again. Put me in the ground now and I'm happy enough. Incredible as ever.

  6. We had a regular contributing community member request to the mods for a central place to keep their questions and excitement about the EU shows rather than one-off threads getting lost in the stacks. The sticky this thread replaced was for the Cleveland show last weekend. I think it is a reasonable request and easy to accommodate.

  7. Hi everyone. I live in SoCal and just booked my trip to Paris to see Tool in May!! Anyone else making the trip across the pond?

  8. I’ve said it before (new username) if reflection is on the setlist I’m dealing with my abject fear of flying (I know it’s irrational but I literally have dreams several nights a week of dying in a plane for months before I fly) and taking a trip to Paris. Hit up Versailles for like 2 days and tour that place again until I’ve seen every inch, see reflection live one last time before I die, then back to the good Ol’s US.

  9. This concert blew my mind. It was spiritual and giving. I was in a trance and still am. Stand up or sitting I don't care. But it gave me a good view to sit and just melt into the atmosphere... We are one.

  10. Wow. Since I live in New Zealand I don't follow European tours, but I just found out that Tool is going to be in Krakow on the same days I'm visiting Poland on some personal business. I am beyond excited

  11. Traveling from the states to see them in Amsterdam. Also proposing to my GF on the trip but lets be honest, this is the highlight of the vacation.

  12. I'll be in Stockholm for a work trip when they play on the 26th. Looking for tickets - what is the aftermarket service where I can give all my money away? ha!

  13. Even though I really don't want to promote them since I consider them to be scalpers, biljettnu.se is probably (but not necessarily) a fairly safe bet. There is no "official" aftermarket to my knowledge.

  14. LUCKY EUROPE. We saw them March 19 in St Louis this year. I’ve never knowingly listened to a Tool song nor have I been to one of their concerts. we had tickets in 2020, but all was cancelled so I got new ones for hubby for Christmas.

  15. Is it is a thing in Copenhagen to sit through a rock concert. Visuals and sound were amazing but we sat the whole time. Really weird for me.

  16. It's normal to sit when it's a seated concert! Rock concerts like this are usually not seated, so people assumed we weren't allowed to stand up. That's why Maynard apologised at the end.

  17. This subreddit has an argument over sitting or standing about every 2-3 posts. The floor standing the whole time is a given but I like sitting. I’ve been to two TOOL concerts and we sat the whole time and absolutely enjoyed ourselves. My experience wouldn’t have been better standing. I’ve also seen Metallica and everyone stood the whole time and it didn’t increase my enjoyment at all.

  18. Does anyone know why 'doors' for Manchester is 19.30 but for London it's 18.00 (both shows)? What time do you expect Tool to go on stage for either/both. I know they are pretty prompt. No Axl Rose prima donnas in the band.

  19. I've got tickets for London O2 arena spare. Bought some for Monday and Tuesday to watch with my girlfriend, but she can't come.

  20. Seeing Tool tomorrow - flew from Dublin to Birmingham - only realised when we looked today the tickets are for Manchester and not Birmingham! Shit! So have to get a train down and bus back after the gig l. However my wife and I would welcome a lift from anyone driving :)

  21. First time seeing them on the 10th. Setlist looks incredible though slightly gutted I'm not gonna hear a few like Parabol/a, Lateralus, Stinkfist. Understand they've been playing them every show for years though so happy the regulars get to see something different.

  22. Seeing them in Ireland on Friday. My friend is a GIANT tool fan and up until he told me they were coming the only songs I'd heard from Tool were Sober and Ænima. He begged me to go with him even offering a free ticket because no one else would, I told him I'd happily go, fast forward a good couple of months and having listened to them near religiously, they're one of my favorite bands and I'm now probably just as, if not more exited to see them live on Friday! So yeah, thats my story 👍🏻

  23. Seeing them in London tomorrow and can’t bloody wait. Seriously considering getting a last minute ticket to the second London show too. What the hell, it’s only money.

  24. Hey guys! Getting a little desperate trying to sell tickets for Paris show, which I cannot attend because I'm stuck in Ukraine. 2 tickets for €200.

  25. Manchester checking in. To be truthful, I'm not sure what to make of these recent setlists. They've been throwing in some great stuff like Right In Two, The Grudge and Hooker With A Penis, but so many classics missing as well. Forty Six & 2, Vicarious, Jambi, Stinkfist, Schism, Parabola and Aenima all notable by their absence, and of course no Lateralus either.

  26. I can understand from a EU perspective to why you miss those, but from the U.S. side they played those songs into the ground. I think you'll find a few of those mixed back in.

  27. in 2019 I paid 60 USD for a poster and about 40 for a tee. I have a feeling the signed stuff might drop in price, cause EU just isnt that nuts about it as our US bros, but lets see. 850 for a signed vinyl would get them laughed off the fucking stage here haha

  28. Travelling from Helsinki Finland to Frankfurt Germany on April 29th to see them live at Hesthalle! 8th row, right in front of Adam 🙂👌

  29. Is it correct that there's no opening band for the European leg of the tour? Can we expect that they'll play a few more songs than usual, as they rarely tour Europe?

  30. I have an extra ticket for Stockholm’s show on Tuesday 26th, where can I sell this ticket?! Won’t be able to make it 😞 please let me know!

  31. I wanna give away one ticket for the 4th of May Birmingham concert, i got 2 tickets i`ll be using one, both of the tickets are on my name, i m not sure how this would work but if anyone is interested PM me.

  32. First time seeing them in the UK, last saw them in Austin 2020 just before everything went sideways. The sound in Birmingham was a lot better than Austin, was an amazing experience.

  33. Berlin show - Selling 1 ticket below cost value. Great seat. Center in front of the stage. Block A Mitte, Row 16. Price 100. If interested send message.

  34. What a show last night in Dublin. Visuals were amazing and a lot better than I imagined, even with MJK sick he still amazing and the others were also on fire. Would of loved to here 'Right In Two' and some others off '10000 Days' but what can ya do

  35. I‘ve got two tickets for cologne show may 17th to give away due to the birth of my first child. Due date was may 9th 😳. Still not with us. If interested please dm me. So sad

  36. I'm going to see them tomorrow in Cologne. To be honest I was waiting to see them for 15 years now and as soon as I called it a day today I got super excited. I don't even know what to expect. Finally things are coming together. Expectation is too dann high right now. Anyone else there tomorrow?

  37. Not gonna lie: kinda wish they get sick of Right in Two (5 nights in a row) and bring The Patient back

  38. Does anyone go to Budapest to see Tool on May 24th? If there is someone who also goes alone, please, message me, it is my first time going there, so I would appreciate a company.

  39. Who’s headed to prague ? We are camping near Prague, got presale bad ass tickets ! Pumped. Seen them three times In the US.

  40. What the hell are these platinum tickets all about? Are Tool participating in this nonsense? It simply penalises the poor.

  41. It's simply Ticketmaster putting a ridiculous mark up on decent seats. No idea if bands or venues benefit financially from that or not - my guess would be 'no' for the bands since they usually get an agreed fee for a show regardless of sales and then a 'maybe' on the venues.

  42. Today is the day I fly from Cali to Paris to see Tool. Cannot wait to experience them live in Europe. Any one else making the trek from the US?

  43. Seeing them on Budapest on Tuesday. I gotta say I'm not a fan of the setlist. Like why play all of Fear Inoculum? No Lateralus? Parabola? Aenima?

  44. I don’t have mine yet either - I’ve submitted a request through the o2 venue app and it says the tickets should be available in the app 48hrs before the event!

  45. Do you think they will play the same setlist as they played in the US this winter? I prefered the pre corona setlist. They just started to play 7empest before corona. Now they seem to have forgotten that track.

  46. They appear to have a premiere security outfit running their ops so I imagine they will be all eyes and ears on the situation right up until show time.

  47. Selling two tickets for Copenhagen concert Saturday 23.04.2022, start of the european tour. Message me for more info.

  48. Berlin show - Selling 1 ticket below cost value. Great seat. Center in front of the stage. Block A Mitte, Row 16. Price 100. If interested send message

  49. Got 2 tickets for sale for London Show (the one that is on May 10). B1 sector, first row. Price would be 150£ per ticket.

  50. Selling one ticket for the Berlin show on May 15. Face value €92.90. Block 404, row 9, seat 15. I can pay for the ticket shipping or we can exchange before the concert as I will be going too :)

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