1. Yessssss, I've found my people! This would have to be my answer by a long shot. Saw them in St Paul a couple months ago, and wow - absolutely incredible.

  2. They honestly have such an incredible sound and their songs are just so good at making you feel the right way, whether it's a positive or negative emotion. I know it's a popular one, but 12:51 is so fucking fantastic.

  3. Looks like you're the first poster today - congrats! You'll be taking home any in-stock DCX keycap set of your choice. I'll PM with details! :)

  4. My current favorite artist is KIng Gizzard and the lizzard wizard. Really unique stuff check them out

  5. Haha they’re at the top of my list right now too - saw them live a few months ago and it was probably the best concert of my life.

  6. Caravan Palace is an all time favourite. At the moment I really like Alex Yarmak‘s „Resonance“ though.

  7. Absolutely love bands like McCafferty, The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, Real Friends, and Neck Deep. Also, this keyboard. It's beautiful.

  8. I do not really listen to much music so I don't really have a favorite musical artist but i do really like this keyboard especially with white and green keycaps.

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