1. 12/81. We'll get there! My ortho has now moved me from 10 days to 7 day changes and will eventually get to 5

  2. fellow 1986er here, I think I just finished my 40th / second last tray (it was 2 sets because of a rescan). Onto refinements soon :)

  3. Give you so much credit, because I was just quoted at 2 years, and I'm not going to do it because that is way too long. It sucks because I had braces as a kid and the only cosmetic issue I have is a small gap between my front two teeth. Can't express how much I regret not replacing my retainer when it broke lmao.

  4. My first set was 71 trays! Took over 2 years. I survived that and 2 sets of refinements, 3 + years. I was 29 when I started and thought it would never end. But it just did and if I had to I'd do it again!

  5. After a 1.5 year of Invisalign I really don't mind it anymore. I could wear them another 5 and I don't think I would care.

  6. As somebody who chose to get Invisalign when they were a little bit older, be very aware that they do not tell you that if you have any gum recession this is going to cause it to get a lot worse a lot quicker. I’ve had one surgery to replace gum tissue and I have three more that I have to have done, it was nowhere near this bad until after I had Invisalign.

  7. It really depends on the patients gingiva biotype, the rate of tooth movement and many other factors. Not just the fact they did Invisalign.

  8. 👆🏻 this. I have not needed surgery but did ask lots of questions about what to expect at the end in regards to results. Read up on black triangles and IPR and just be a little realistic in your expectations. Perfect might be the enemy of the good. Best of luck, hope it goes great!

  9. Yea same. Mines are receding bad but no pain. I'm on tray 2 of 36 or 37. I will most likely need surgery but I'll take it as it comes. Got my next ortho appt in 3 weeks.

  10. Hi! I'm 40 later this year and start next week! 😆 I forget how many trays in doing but it's a lot too! Good luck! 😁😁😁

  11. I’m 37 & on tray # 6 of 18. If all goes as planned will have them off by the time my 38th birthday comes around. I find the older I get the faster the times goes, and with covid and working from home + masking there will likely never be a more convenient time. Best of luck to you on your journey!!

  12. I started mine at 41 - you're FINE. Although I had less trays. Buy some breath strips, some mouthwash and some floss sticks. You'll have fantastic teeth in no time!

  13. I'll be 42 in a few months and just started mine too. I had dental trauma after a wreck in October, so I'm doing 22 trays. I'd probably be doing more but they're not too concerned with my overbite really.

  14. good luck!!! maybe youll get lucky and be done after this one round! i started off with an initial treatment of under 30 weeks, thought i was pretty lucky. nope lol. i start my 3rd round of refinements soon fml

  15. I'm on 70 after a bad bike accident and skull injury last year - I just put the other boxes in the closet and treat it as a series of 15week courses

  16. I feel like I should comment here, I’m on 23/70 (I have a total of 74 trays cuz 4 are extra for in between my original trays and refinements)! Time really does fly, I can’t believe I’m 2/7th of the way done! Welcome to the start of your journey 🥳❤️❤️

  17. Before I joined this subreddit I thought I had a lot with 36 and that being a year and a half and then I see posts like this and realize how foolish and blessed I am. I’m on my 10th tray and was almost going to quit before I saw how all of you are sticking to it.

  18. Once you get through your first few, you’ll hit your rhythm and the time will fly by (especially if you’re doing relatively fast changes!).

  19. See this is the sort of thing that confuses me. My teeth (bottom row especially) are really fucked, so fucked infact, that I was told I may not be suitable at all at my initial clincheck. I've only got 22 trays in total with weekly changes however, and i wonder why some people get so many.

  20. I feel you! 45, started when I was 43, and I’ll have over 100 trays by the time I’m done.

  21. Getting excited/nervous for mine! I'll be 41 in two days and start the first week in February. Looks like 18 months for me...

  22. Will turn 43 in a couple of months and I finished my 7 month journey last week. Definitely worth it! 😬😬😬

  23. I hear ya. I just turned 53 and on the same day started tray 1 of 70. As with anything keep the end in mind and the weeks will fly-by, hopefully ;)

  24. Finished about 75 trays here. Invisalign has really changed the way I take care of myself now. I neglected self-care for a long time. The trays got me into a good routine and required me to take a little time for myself each day. That, paired with a new smile, has entirely changed my self-perception. That inner calm, Invisalign gave me that. Enjoy the process and congratulations.

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