1. It’s gonna suck being a Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones fan this year because of this dumb, idiotic, useless rivalry

  2. Yep. All these "Amazon's LOTR Show sucks because I like GoT better" threads just make me sad for those who post them. No one is harmed by having two good shows.

  3. I’m a fan of both universes. This post is an answer for the attacks LOTR fans are doing on the HOTD teaser. Check the recent comments

  4. Yeah I mean I love both and they are both two completely different fantasy IP’s for me I have a feeling I may like HOTD a bit more though but I won’t dislike one for the sake of the other

  5. They also showed their teaser during the Super Bowl when millions around the world are watching. HBO released HOTD trailer at 5am here in the states on a random day.

  6. exactly. but these views are more from ads. if people watched it on super bowl and went to youtube, they liked it. the number of likes is very low for this number of views

  7. A small teaser without much publicity and still managed to get that amount of views and mostly positive reactions, now imagine if the actual HotD trailer drops with dragon footage in It, the internet would go insane.

  8. definitely. but HBO have to be alert. they should put money on marketing for this show. the first teaser wasn’t promoted anywhere. they just dropped and that’s it. gave it to the fans. I think it’s really important to announce it to the world and not just expect fans to watch it million times

  9. Yeah lord of the rings, I keep saying this but they did a full professional roll out. And HBO has not done their big push yet. Lord of the rings had a very cool branding package. I’m really excited to see how HBO does hotd! Mostly for character posters to be honest! I hope they nail it! I need my wall covered! ;-)

  10. HOTD doesn’t really “need” to promote as much as LOTR because the game of thrones IP is more familiar now to most people. Theres probably a lot of the younger generation that hasn’t seen any of the LOTR movies so they have no affiliation with it. It still needs to promote but GOT has a more active fanbase as of rn probably because it ended recently

  11. LOTR also has 13.4M views on Twitter, while HOTD has 9.9M. Talking specifically about the video tweeted on the main pages. I think HOTD will be fire, but I'm not delusional that LOTR won't be a gargantuan hit when it comes out.

  12. Amazon promoted the teaser on twitter the day it dropped. It was on top of trending with a paid tag. “promoted by Amazon Prime Video”

  13. The rivalry between LOTR and HOTD isn’t super productive. One doesn’t have to fail for the other to succeed.

  14. Funny how people are saying that HBO didn’t promote HotD teaser when the teaser (and any other HotD content) was actually shared by the Game of Thrones official Twitter, an account with 7.9M followers. So this helped a lot in the views.

  15. still is nothing compared to how amazon promoted it. their ads were reaching to way more people all over the world.

  16. the number of likes. it’s very low in comparison with the number of views. check out the HOTD teaser likes. it’s an organic number of views. Amazon clearly paid ads to show this teaser around on YouTube, and that’s why the views keep going up but with few likes…

  17. I feel pretty comfortable with how little attention HOTD gets. Its all Star Wars, Marvel, LoTR who get the coverage but also the hate so HOTD can just be a show and isn't held to this impossible standard. I feel bad for the LOTR fandom right now though, the season 8 hate was painful enough and those people at least had a good reason to complain.

  18. What attacks? I didn’t see any, not even on Twitter (where people are more toxic). I do saw HotD fans provoking TRoP ones though.

  19. I am not a fan of LotR but the fact that amazon has rights for this IP makes me really sad, especially when they produce meh quality

  20. I love Lord of the Rings, read the books and loved them, including the Silmarillion, I also adore the Peter Jackson trilogy. The Hobbit trilogy was eh, or maybe even worse than eh. But the book was pretty easily adaptable, if they’d just made two movies as originally planned. If people can butcher the Hobbit, I shudder to think what they may have done here in the new LOTR show. Especially with the buzz going around. I watched the trailer at the Superbowl disinterestedly while scrolling through my phone, wasn’t very impressed. It might be genuinely terrible. This is nothing against the books which I loved but honestly HOTD has so much more potential as a story (Fire and Blood is amazing and much much more detailed) and much better people are in charge of it. There’s very little doubt in my mind that HOTD will be a hit and LOTR a flop, my only question is the respective magnitudes. I think that feeling is getting out there more, reaching more and more people and so it makes sense that HOTD has more momentum behind it.

  21. I'm mostly confused about the plot of LOTR. Seems like it's all over the place in the trailer. I also read the books, liked the LOTR movies and disliked the Hobbit. I had to unfollow a few subreddits because my feed was full of doom. It's gonna be six months until release and I don't need six months of moaning in my life. I don't always agree with fans. I did dislike the Witcher series but I didn't mind Wheel of Time. Maybe because I didn't like the books. I don't mind short haired elves nor beardless dwarven woman. I'm pretty sure they were in the background of the Hobbit so nothing new.

  22. speaking for non-book readers, I would say HOTD is way easier to understand, there are many reasons to watch it. Currently, i believe lotr has successfully targeted book readers but not non-book readers.

  23. Not to mention, the HOTD teaser barely showed anything while TROP showed off how they’re going to butcher the character design.

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