1. Is there anyone else having a lot of trouble with the Fiscal event, especially with the vision of the deep focusing? Istg I spent ten minutes on ONE of these—adjusting left and right and up and down, and it would not focus or lock on, and I honestly just don't understand why???

  2. Just got wolf's gravestone Claymore, my first and only 5 star weapon. Is it enough to justify build Beidou and make a team with her?, or it isn't such a deal?..

  3. Is there a way to re enter the domains to get the chests i didn’t manage to get? For the current event

  4. As of the latest update, my game freezes when I use elemental sight or whenever I enter a trounce domain. Does anyone know how to remedy this?

  5. Which off field 4* DPS could I put in a team with Heizou as the on field DPS to trigger as many swirls as possible? Currently I want to use kaeya and Xiangling (kaeyas burst actually works here because heizou is a close combat character) - do I even need another DPS or should I maybe go for a healer or buffer or sth? Since Beidou, Sucrose, Fischl and XQ are on my other team already, so there’s not many options left. (I have all 4* aside from Sara)

  6. Heizou/kazuha/Bennett/Xiangling is a pretty good core team. If you don't have kazuha then maybe you could try Heizou/Bennett/Xiangling/Rosaria. It's kinda like a strange reverse melt team

  7. Where can I find kazuha after finishing Fischl's quest? I've seen everyone else but I can't find him.

  8. I’m planning to get Kokomi to pair with my Ayaka and Kazuha. Should I also save for Shenhe or just build Rosaria?

  9. I have no regrets building kokomi and rosaria for ayaka, it makes abyss runs a breeze. I do plan to grab shenhe on her rerun but i dont have any trouble clearing abyss without her. My rosaria is only on medium investment with noblesse set as i dont have a second viable blizz strayer set.

  10. I run Ayaka/Rosaria/kokomi/kazuha and it's more than strong enough for any content. Shenhe is a bit better than Rosaria but its a small margin for how many primos you need to spend. I'd just save your primos and stick to Rosaria.

  11. rosaria mona, or xingqiu if he's free should be okay. kokomi is such a luxury pull, as well as shenhe. get them if you have no better plans for your primos.

  12. I've gotten all of my dream characters now I have nothing else to farm. I don't want to waste my unused resin. What should I keep farming while I wait for new characters to farm for.

  13. Stockpile a decent amount of mora and xp books then back to the artifact grind. Or build some random chars, might end up liking them.

  14. My kazuha with 163 er feels fine. Only benefit to fav i see is the energy for team which would allow perhaps reallocation of their artifacs some, but i dont know if its really worth it considering kazuhas passive will also be lower.

  15. 160 is fine. Hell, I ran him with 153 before I ever got C1 and it was fine. If he's not having ER issues and his teammates aren't having ER issues, what reason would you have to cut your damage and team buff by giving him Fav?

  16. yes c1 helps, and it's because you've already found the rotation that works for you. no need to fav if no one else in the team needs to be batteried, rn iron sting will work better for you. (not to mention 160 er is great already)

  17. aside from stuff you mentioned you can get friendship exp from daily commissions and random world quests you get (like save reckless pallad). other quests don't give friendship exp

  18. friendship from teapot and "random" events don't cost resin. quests iirc give adv rank exp but not feiendship exp.

  19. So, genshin won't start for me literally for hours. I mean really not for me cuz i don't play it but my sister does, and when she opens the game, it can literally take up to 3 hours for it to launch (yeah our PC is pretty bad but come on now) Does anyone else have that problem? Cuz this is definitely an issue on the app side. Can this be an issue with older types of memory or an older CPU?

  20. Meta wise she does the same thing as Hu Tao. She is a lot easier to play as there is no requirement for jump/dash cancels. She also has bandage booba

  21. even at AR43 now, i'm still a noob at building a kickass team. Can you help to advice who I should prioritize as my main team (DPS, Subs, spprts, etc) based on the characters I own? Thanks in advance.

  22. Yelan when you can ascend her more. But the most fun and best team would be Heizou, Xiang, Yelan and whoever you feel like, but since you have lvld rosaria id stick with her for now :)

  23. Why does the leveling cost of Harbinger of Dawn from level 83-90 is 300+ level 3 ores, but only 200+ ores with the Catch? Is

  24. 77 or 78 pulls in for current Kazuha banner. got C0 Kazuha and C4 Heizou. Should I keep going to max out Heizou and for more chances for Kazuha? Since I got Kazuha before guaranteed 90th, does that mean my pity counter has currently been reset and next one is gonna be a 50/50?

  25. I’m at 160 pulls and I just got my second Heizou. So you should stop wishing C4 is more than enough. 4 star constellations are a worse scam than the weapon banner

  26. with the hu tao and childe reruns almost inevitable in the next few patches, im not sure who I want more. i like childe more as a character, but Hu Tao's gameplay looks more fun and i don't have any good pyro dps, while I have ayato for a hydro dps. also, I plan to save and probably top-up with the reset so should I go for Hu Tao C1 or should I try to get them both at C0?

  27. Hu Tao C1 completely changes her playstyle and makes her easier to use, but if you can play her at C0 then just get Childe if you like him that much. You can build a Childe International (Childe/Xingqiu/Xiangling/Bennett) and kick ass on one side the make a Hu Tao team and kick ass on the pther side of the abyss

  28. I don't have a strong set of Pyro DPS, so I'm struggling against the cryo enemies. I was able to jerry rig a Yanfei team together, but working mechanically and having the raw numbers to clear through in time....

  29. It was easier for my teams and i had more than a minute of free time at the end. But i can see myself having a harder time with different teams. I was able to breeze through the ruin serpent because of my yae targetting it. I'd probably have a harder time with abilities that don't move much since the serpent was frequently going underground.

  30. Anyone else having problems with the puzzles in Fischls domain? They're so clunky and random...it totally destroys the otherwise fantastic vibe

  31. it utterly kills my motivation to play the domains and the game. like it's so bad they should never let whoever came up with the whole thing near puzzle design in this game ever again.

  32. Hi guys, I'm a newbie. I leveled up the main character to lvl 20. I did some research afterwards and pretty much everyone advises against it because she/he isn't worth it. I just like how she looks lol I have no other reason. Did I screw up my game? I also leveled up Kaeya to lvl 20. I also have Noelle and Xiangling. There is so much to learn about this game I'm very confused.

  33. Lol, he's a decent investment. Not too great but not too bad, just level them up if you like them. It's a single-player game.

  34. not really. I mean, leveling the traveler at least doesn't need boss materials. Also, at least I myself level every character to 20 for the free wish.

  35. 20 is still pretty early in the game, up until lv 70 is still pretty cheap (a few days of farm). u can play whoever u like up until ar45, though to make it easier u might want to consider funneling ur resources to one damage dealer.

  36. Hello! If I leave a domain in the new event, will I be able to continue normally after or does it mess up something?

  37. My Xiao right now has 80-205 crit and 120 ER, but only 1700 attack. Should i give up some crit to get more attack? I do have sucrose and Bennett

  38. I'm on the part of the Kazuha Domain quest "Investigate the surroundings and find a way to open the door", and i looked up a guide for it but in the video to solve this part i have to get to a room that i can't get to. Am i doing something wrong or is the quest glitched?

  39. keep looking thru the rooms. Dont remind it of the top now but you need to get the items for the door and those you unlock with the beam puzzle thingies and bring back to the door.

  40. The second, or you (most likely)won't be able to burst off-cooldown (unless there's a Raiden). Give him an ER sword like Favonius or Sacrificial, not an ER artifact. Use all EM artifacts, you'll get more EM

  41. Do you really have to choose between everything on the event shop and a free 4 star? Or can you get both after doing everything in the event?

  42. Kazuha or Yoimiya I can’t decide which one to pull? I’m looking for someone to help me clear Abyss easily. My current team is Ganyu, Ayaka, Yelan and Bennett.

  43. Kazuha but the first halves of the current abyss are like theyre tailor made for yoimiya, but you can clear them easily with yanfei too

  44. Kazuha, because you want clear abyss easily. Crowd Control, Elemental Buff, Elemental Shred = more faster Abyss Clear

  45. Kazuha works better with ayaka and ganyu. I would go for him. You dont really need yoimiya, you can use xiangling team when pyro is required.

  46. They're both good characters. Kazuha fits in a lot more teams, and is just generally very good in Abyss.

  47. So i just pulled my second 5 star weapon from the standard banner. I have now 2 Aquila Favonia. One is lev 90 and this one i just got. Should i refine the one i have? Or should i keep this one and lev it up for someone else?

  48. General rule is don't refine 5-stars unless you're a whale. The benefit of a refine is marginal and you never know when you might want to use it on another character.

  49. keep it. for most 5* weapons keeping it is the best way to go, unless it’s some really stupid weapon that only one character you have uses(and it will probably stay that way for a while)

  50. I'd say Bennet as you usally have more crit rate on him and Kazuhas swirls can't crit. But if you have enough cr on Kazuha I'd keep the bigger buff from bennet and give it to Kazuha

  51. kazuha. he needs more ER anyways and in most cases fav is better than iron sting just because more burst uptime is better than a minimal damage boost.

  52. I get that Kazuha and Sucrose can buff party members more with more EM they have. But why Venti meta build also needs triple EM mainstats? He doesn't have any EM buffing talents.

  53. No, but he swirls a lot with his burst so you go the easy route and just stack EM, it's way easier and more convenient than managing crit ratio and guves better results with less investment

  54. Because an EM build with trash subs has competitive damage against normal crit build with decent sub stats.

  55. After playing through the first two domains in Kazuha's GAA quest, the motion sickness got to me so much that I could barely stomach dinner. How bad is it from here on, ie the rest of his quest and the other quests released so far, in terms of motion sickness? This has kinda killed my excitement for GAA completely [that, and I'm not a fan of Fischl and Xinyan]

  56. Is it delusional to think there might be ~250 rolls available from today (including Welkin), until let's say end of 3.1 first half? With a new region + anniversary date supposedly before then. Would be nice to guarantee two characters that could appear by then.

  57. We only got 20 pulls last anni and I believe this was after complaining that 10 is too little....sure we're getting a completely new region but it isn't like each chest gives huge amount of primos...so maybe 180...considering you've got welkin add a few more

  58. With welkin you should get about 80 or so rolls per patch. So 80x3 = 240 already. Including anniversary 20 or so rolls and sumeru exploration, 250 should be pretty achievable.

  59. I logged in after sleeping and saw I had 98 resin. When I then wanted to enter a domain it said I didn't have enough resin to collect the rewards and it said I only had 18. Does someone know what happened?

  60. There's no answer for that question because you're not giving any context (teams, buffs, current stats without that artifact). Use the calculator.

  61. How good is Yanfei's C6? Maybe it's a weird quesiton but, like, her normal combo is only a 3 hit, I don't see you really getting up to 4 without landing her E or without her Ult active. Does the combo still stay 3 attacks, charged, E, charged? Or does the 4th seal cause that to change?

  62. When her burst is up you get 4 seals after auto attacking twice into a charged attack. So her attack combo is still either n2c or n3c depending on your hydro application, or n2c if you run her without xingqiu/yelan.

  63. You are forgetting that her bursts gives her seals passively when activated. Also that skill gives max seals.

  64. It can work. Though if you get good at dodging and animation cancels, solo Klee abyss is a thing, apparently. The goal is you bounce everything all the time thanks to Klee's high poise damage so no need to dodge or shield as much.

  65. Klee is a fragile unit to be on the field. So she appreciates the shields and heals if you don't have zhongli available at disposal for Klee.

  66. You won't be able to set up any consistent Melts, but Diona as a shielder for Klee provides some much needed protection.

  67. I was able to bring the electro seelie from Pudding isle to the bonsai island but for some reason the seelie is stuck where the windwheel was supposed to me. I saw a video where after following the seelie we get a precious chest..but the electro seelie wont move from its place

  68. Try check youtube video for tutorial , is clearable to me and if you get correct angle, there will be a circle mark similiar with using Memento Lens

  69. I'm F2P, I have C1 Kazuha and Freedom Sworn. Sad thing, I'm having a hard time farming Viridiscent that has Elemental Mastery main stat. Is Viridiscent with Elemental Mastery main stat really rare?

  70. it took me a month to get 3 em pieces with 162 er total. I also managed to build Jean and Sayu on the side. But it could be up to 3 months if you're unlucky.

  71. So, I got extremely lucky and got my guaranteed 5* and on the same pull, afterwards another 5* which was Diluc.

  72. If you want Tighnari I don’t recommend pulling for Thoma, you could get early 5 star and lose you guaranteed, and then you have to win the 50/50 to get Tighnari

  73. So you got them both in the same 10-pull? The order it shows isn't always correct, so wait for your history to update and then check which one was actually first.

  74. I am confused between Kazuha and Albedo, both will be amazing for both of my team Albedo in my (itto, Zhongli,gorou ) team Kazuha in my (Childe , Xiangling Bennet) team. I can only get 1 because Albedo will be in 3.1 or 3.2 Who should I go for?

  75. Whoever you like more/ whichever team you want to boost the performance of more I think. If you don't get Kazuha you can try using Sucrose instead.

  76. I would say get Kazuha first. It took them so long to rerun him, who knows when they'll ever do a second rerun. Albedo, meanwhile, is at least expected to appear every time there's a Dragonspine focused patch, which would be around December-January.

  77. Xiangling is not a great battery. Xiangling is the one that needs a battery (Bennet). Even my 250% Energy Recharge Xiangling can't do much on her own.

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