1. There once was a guy in Germany. He had recreated a WWII battlefield in his basement. He had built done tiny RC tanks with webcams. You could log in to his website and maneuver the tanks over the internet.

  2. Something similar was done with chernobyl (or pripyiat), there were these small cars you could control online. That was like 5 years ago I think.

  3. As an RC enthusiasts, this is mind blowing how they are able to sync up the actions of the vehicle to a simulation.

  4. I imagine that if you have accelerometer information being sent back with the video stream, you could input that almost directly into the simulator setup. No fancy processing or physics simulation needed, just raw data.

  5. What is happening with the window at night? Is that a light display show happening at the building in the background?

  6. I believe that's an EQ (EQuilizer) visual display. Whatever music the driver is listening to is likely what's driving the bar movements.

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