1. Facebook gets all the hate, even though google did it before and in a much bigger scale. Reason? Its easier to quit facebook, so more people can virtue signal about it.

  2. Really amazing to me how many people I know will talk about the awful things Meta does with their data… then just keep using their products

  3. Invest into Monero not to make profit, but so that the project endures. Not everyone will need it or use it. But one day you might. Keep it till that.

  4. This is exactly what I am using it for as well. I lived in China and I used Monero to buy a VPN (Astrill) seeing VPNs and crypto payments are/were illegal there. I will use the rest to buy when I need to use it. It isn't really an investment for me but a tool to buy things I need/may need that I don't want tracked.

  5. Monero is a coin with a genuine use case, serving its purpose without being shilled by influencers. I will keep buying in the bear market.

  6. "Saying that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying that you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say."

  7. Yet when someone asks what people are holding through the bear market or even holding in general, I never see anyone say XMR. (Except a couple)

  8. I DCA into Monero not for the profit but for the fear of absolutely needing it in the future. I fear corporates and how inconsiderate of our privacy they are.

  9. The thing is privacy just isn’t important to that many people. The people who care, care a lot. The people who don’t, literally don’t care at all.

  10. Surveillance of bitcoin and any other public network is only going to increase. Layer two or side chains protocols is a Band-Aid for privacy. Only true default base layer privacy will provide true fungible money!

  11. Everyone is afraid of Monero because of possible regulations, but once some hard crackdowns on crypto are announced the price of XMR rises. Because of all the coins Monero is in fact a hedge as one of the most resistant to the regulators

  12. Look at the shape of its 7-day graph versus the other Top 50 coins here; it's been doing better than about 40 of the others:

  13. does it? It was my first crypto for only 1 reason - it is not transparent. I avoid BTC for that reason. No shilling was needed.

  14. all hail monero the one true crypto...that said there will be better opportunities to make more money in the ZK space in the coming months.

  15. The problem I have with privacy coins like Monero is that governments will probably crackdown on them and require all exchanges to delist them. Sure, we could still trade Monero without exchanges, but if no exchange list them and we have to rely on going out of our way to find private P2P to trade, it will have very little potential of growth.

  16. If the world is based on fiat, and surveillance isn’t stopping anytime soon, the only way to get privacy with Monero is by using it in the secondary market, which may affect the price. It’s more like an instrument rather than an investment.

  17. 95% of people care more convenience than privacy. I think privacy advocates always have a difficult time understanding how little the average person actually cares about privacy.

  18. He answered it in the section right below the question, so I'll just summarize it as briefly as I can: your online activity and content is being continually compiled and data-mined, then the data sold or simply provided to advertisers and other interested parties. That is how your lack of online privacy is utilized against you by Big Tech.

  19. One of my concern with monero is liquidity and availability. Its easier for me at the moment to trade btc in a big or even a local exchange coz most supports btc. Even peer to peer, btc is widely accepted. Not the case with other alts. Having said that being anonymous for me in terms of privacy is enough. Ye, btc is not super private but somehow anonymous.

  20. Also a reminder that there are more privacy coins than montero. Secret is also an amazing one with even 30% APY.

  21. Your boss etc already can't see what you spend your money on... Monero is only useful for illegal activities where you would have the government trying to spy on you.

  22. Your boss can see your exchange deposit and withdrawal addresses, when the exchange accidentally leaks them or gets hacked.

  23. Wait.. is everyone here publishing their wallet-addresses on their Facebook accounts or something? Cause just like my bank-account, I don't share that with people... Am I doing something wrong?

  24. Where did you get that absurd strawman argument from? That's not one of the examples he gave, and is not even realistic. Here, I'll do one: "Wait, is everyone here spamming pictures of their genitals to their entire contact list? Because I just keep those to myself and the person I'm currently sleeping with... Am I doing something wrong?"

  25. Well, then you can be one of those people who doesn't need privacy. I, for one, would love to get my hands on your phone and your computer and see the last 100 things you searched for, and all the webpages you visited in the past week.

  26. Where I am from, there are actually strict rules to protect the renters, for instance if I have rented a place for more than 2 years, the owner cannot cancel my contract unless he need to live there himself.

  27. "Hmm This guy made some crypto profits... Let's charge him a higher rent and higher maintenance fees... In fact let's snoop around too and see if we can find any passwords, seed phrases, privkeys, hardware wallets"

  28. Apparently there are enough druggies out there to make it #25 out of 19,631, right between some obscure and practically unknown coins named Bitcoin Cash and Stellar.

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