1. DISLIKE. It only happened because everything being put out by the White House, CNN, MSNBC, et al was getting dislikes at about a 10:1 ratio.

  2. They only removed it because Biden was in the negatives for likes. It was purely political and censorship at its finest.

  3. That it dont matter tbh. Hell they could also get rid of likes. I watch a video to be entertained not for the analytics. If i wanted that I'd start doing baseball stats again

  4. I like it and I don’t. As a viewer I like seeing the dislike bar to know if a video is worth watching, as a creator I actually hate it for that exact reason.

  5. Do the ones who post the video know the amount? Cause how do they manage what is good content that their subscribers don’t like. If they can see the number, I don’t see much of a sensitivity thing then by removing it. Should just be an option

  6. There was a time that it was a trend to say: "Oh, dear! I can't believe [amount of dislikers] people all have Parkinson's! And yet they all clicked the wrong button!' I bet Youtube just got fed-up with that joke, lol.

  7. Meh, didn't really affect me. (I don't watch controversial stuff, unless it's satire, which it wouldn't really matter because dense people are gonna dislike it anyways)

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