Meet Josh Smith, an Entrepreneur and Advocate of Sustainable Food Production

Nature continues to be an excellent source of inspiration for many innovators seeking to develop new solutions aimed at dealing with various problems like water scarcity. Recently, a New York-based international team came up with a prototype aimed at mimicking the manner by which living systems store, distribute and capture water. It received the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation in 2017. This innovation resonates well with Josh Smith’s objective of boosting sustainable food production.

The product, AquaWeb, strives to assist urban food producers to filter, collect, distribute and store atmospheric moisture with an all-in-one water management and sourcing system. It could be deployed to assist individuals in meeting the increasing demand for local, sustainable food production.

Last year, the Biomimicry Accelerator program attracted six international teams. They spent their time creating working prototypes through the assistance of business mentors and biomimicry professionals. The program is aimed at helping teams come up with market-ready and viable solutions.

A Close Focus on Josh Smith

Josh Smith has proven to be a visionary and serial entrepreneur thanks to the creation of several startups. Most of his businesses fall into the sustainable technologies and wellness categories. Josh is best known for being the founder and chief executive officer of Modular Greenhouses located in Reno, Nevada. His passion and vision have played an instrumental role in catalyzing the success of the company. The Reno, Nevada-based company is driven by its global vision of not only ending food poverty but also starting a vibrant era of sustainable and local food production.

Over the years, Josh Smith has exuded a passion for using modern technology in the modern processes and integrating methods that will assist in environmental and energy conservation. He firmly disapproves the feeding of junk food to children, especially during their developmental years. For this reason, the Reno, Nevada-based entrepreneur is committed to changing this systemic issue. Furthermore, he is well-versed with the skills to create a purpose-driven and experienced team of professionals capable of propelling Modular Greenhouses to attain a dominant share of the market by 2020.